Concerts in games are a great idea, brilliant in its simplicity

If you think about it, I am surprised that this idea is only becoming more popular now.

League of Legends producer Riot joins forces with Wave to conduct a Pentakill concert inside the still popular MOBA game. This is a specific creation at all, because we are talking about a heavy metal band (or rather power metal), which was created on the basis of League of Legends. However, it is not about the fan project, the American Pentakill is made up of musicians who happened to play in such bands as Skid Row, DragonForce, Tank or Dream Theater. It is enough to turn on any Pentakill clip to see that there are no amateurs, although apart from being connected to League of Legends, I can not hear anything original here and the band sounds like most bands of this type.

The Pentakill concert in League of Legends is supposed to be an interactive experience, a virtual equivalent of the concept album, which, by the way, will be released right after the event. The Wave promises that the viewers will be able to become part of the show, which in my opinion is the strongest element of this type of undertaking.

Have you noticed that there are more and more of this type of virtual concert inside games? It is enough to mention the recent appearance of Ariana Grande in Fortnite. I watched, or rather took part in this performance and although I am completely not interested in the singer, I had a lot of fun. Organizationally, probably a lot of work with it, additionally completely different than during a normal concert, but it is a brilliant idea in its simplicity. I’m already explaining why.

Win-win situation

Everyone really benefits from a virtual performance of a popular band. The artist is able to interest in his work people who completely differ from his / her publications. The base of players of such Fortnite or League of Legends is huge and even if they don’t care for Ariana Grande or Pentakill, they will come to their performances in millions of crowds just to not miss the big event in their favorite game. And surely some percentage will pick up a note and then get interested in the performer, maybe one day he will go to a concert, buy an album or observe the artist on social media.

The producer of the game also wins, as it actually incurs huge costs of the venture, but can boast of various important statistics after it. The first are, of course, those from the concert itself, because they are generally very impressive, and maybe they are able to create a new record of players logged in to the game at the same time? The second is, of course, new accounts – you can’t jump into online games without logging in. You need to create an account – cycle, new account, new user, you can put in the pool of increases in popularity of the game. Someone quit playing the title, but came to a concert for a while? There is a good chance that he will stay and spend several months in the virtual world again. And probably some of the new users who set up accounts just to watch the concert will stay with the game for longer.

In terms of advertising, it is also a bull’s eye, because every game medium writes about such an event – even if it normally omits news about a given title. Because it falls out, because it is talked about, the wheel turns by itself. And there are also music media that would otherwise not mention the game at all. And even looking at the cost of such a concert, the money that would have to be spent on advertising on all these sites is probably greater, and here is advertising for free.

The Pentakill concert will be available in League of Legends on September 8.

Of course, however good and polished the virtual concert may be, it really has nothing to do with a real show. It is impossible to feel the emotions of a real performance in the game and I treated such events as a nice, scripted event in the game, and the music was relegated to the background. But the entertainment market is changing just as generations change. Since kids prefer to play 5 hours a day in Fortnite instead of rushing with sticks under the block, they are more likely to enter a concert in the game than go to a real event to listen to real musicians. It is sad, of course, but as you can see the industry is able to adapt to the new realities. And since concerts are still not as colorful as it was (and no one knows how it will all go on), it’s the best time to develop a new concert platform – games. It is strange that this trend did not become popular much earlier.


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