confirmed the important cameo in the post-credit scene?

Initially the debut of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the role of Black Adam was expected in the movie on Shazambut later an entire film dedicated to the character was announced, which will be released on October 21 from a screenplay by Adam Sztykiel and directed by Jaume-Collett Serra.

The elements to discuss the film are already there, but the conversation about it has recently shifted to one point in particular: a possible cameo in the post-credit scene, both due to a rumor circulated in July, and a recent mention in an article by the authoritative The Hollywood Reporterin which the following was said:

So let’s start by reporting possible information on the scene revealed by the Twitter user AjepArtswho stated that he had obtained information regarding an appearance of a mysterious character in the post-credits scene of the film, obviously bearing in mind that they have not been confirmed, but that in all probability it is SPOILER on the upcoming film dedicated to Black Adam.

Apparently Amanda Wallercharacter played by Viola Davis in both films dedicated to Suicide Squadshould meet with Black Adamto talk to him about the fact that there is someone in the world strong enough to beat him, showing him an image in which he would see himself Superman – presumably the version played by Henry Cavilleven if again with the face darkened, exactly as it happened for the cameos of theMan of Steel in Shazam! and in Peacemaker.

Obviously for now nothing is confirmed, but in case the post-credits scene of Black Adam turns out to be officially real, the long work done by the actor to make fans’ dreams come true would definitely be starting to bear fruit, with the ever more tangible possibility of reviewing Superman at the cinema, and to see him clash with someone definitely able to stand up to him, perhaps going so far as to combine the fight with what should be the actual number one opponent of the character played by The Rock: Shazamthe most powerful mortal on earth.

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