Conte to La7: “Did Draghi respond to our social agenda? With an extra € 6 gross per month, a worker may pay for breakfast”

Long question and answer in the transmission “The race to vote” (La7) between the leader of the M5s, Giuseppe Conteand the journalists Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli and Alessandro De Angelis on the failure to vote of confidence of the 5 Stars al Draghi government.
According to Borrelli, Draghi col Aid he partially replied to the 9 points of the social agenda presented by the M5s, but Conte does not fit in: “If we find ourselves in these conditions, it is because the government has not responded. And certainly the answer cannot be the offer of 6 euros gross per month more: with 6 euros more gross, a low-income worker may pay us breakfast“.

The journalist replies that the two Aid Decrees provide for 35 billion in aid for families and businesses without budget variance.
“I know that you are an advocate of the Draghi government – replies Conte – but I fielded 130 billion with 5 budget variances, to help families and businesses affected by the pandemic. And I left the spread under 100, while now without the budget variance, we have even reached 250“.
Borrelli rejects the definition of “supporter of the Draghi government” and accuses the M5s of not having voted for confidence in the Draghi government as irresponsible.
Conte replies: “If Dragons shows up in the Senate and in front of 50 thousand companies that are on the verge of bankruptcy he says all the possible evil about Superbonus, which also contributed 6.6% of GDP, harshly attacking him with no solution, then he cannot have our trust and consent. And if Draghi himself, after having ruled for 18 months and having made 10-11 changes to the text, claims that the norm is poorly written he must take responsibility for it“.

De Angelis notes that Draghi has cut the tax wedge and the head of the M5s replies: “Would the tax wedge be 6 euros gross per month? Read better, in the text it says ‘breakfast at the bar on Sunday morning’? Maybe they didn’t write it, but that’s the way it is. And do we mean that the extra-profit rule was also a failure? Do we want to say that even today they have not managed to write that standard well? “.
“But Draghi was very hard on this”, comments the conductor Paolo Celata.
“Draghi didn’t have to be hard, he had to solve the problems”, retorts Conte.

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