Controversy! Danna Paola Told the Whole Truth About the Embarrassing Episode She Lived in “the Academy”

The artist confessed how the events occurred.

Danna Paola is one of the most sought-after young faces of the artistic medium today, which has managed to capture the attention of all media.

Like a celebrity, being a jury of “The Academy” has had to face being one of the most wanted personalities, receiving invitations for all kinds of events and interviews.

On this occasion, the interpreter of “Bad Fame” was encouraged to be part of a pleasant episode of the YouTube channel of the renowned influencers “Pepe & Toño”, in which she shared about different aspects of her life.

One of the most controversial issues that the actress and singer talked about was the altercation that she starred in the TV show, in which some students of the reality show addressed her with expletives.

It turns out that after the singer of “Sodio” issued her professional opinion about the performance of these participants, these reactions aggressively with insults towards her person.

Although many claims that this impasse was a montage to gain greater relevance in the audience, Danna said that it was not a script and that it was a very unpleasant spontaneous moment.

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The truth is that the scandal took such magnitude, that it managed to become a trend in social networks, and to this day it has been difficult to forget. However, contrary to what one might think, this has contributed to the “Elite” actress gaining more and more fame.

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