Coolant – can it be mixed with each other? Most drivers don’t know this!

Engine oil, fuel level in the tank and coolant condition. These three elements are checked fairly regularly by most drivers, but can the coolant be mixed with another product? It’s worth being careful!

In another article, we touched on the topic of mixing motor oils with each other. At that time, the viscosity grades of the oil were the key to successfully mixing the oils together. The same is the case with the coolant, because its composition also has a great influence on the efficiency of the entire cooling system.

What is the role of the coolant in the car?

Now a brief explanation of what the coolant is used for and what is its role in the engine? It is a working fluid that allows the power unit to operate at the optimal temperature. Modern fluids have a slightly higher thermal tolerance and can reach over one hundred degrees Celsius. In addition to cooling the engine, fluid is critical to keeping the radiator in perfect condition. It contains ingredients that have anti-corrosive properties.


Regular topping up and checking the fluid level makes a difference!

As the coolant helps to protect the power unit from seizure and overheating, it is important to regularly check the coolant level in the engine. Modern cars are equipped with sensors that monitor the liquid level. However, in addition to trusting the computer’s indications, it is worth checking into the engine compartment from time to time and assessing how things are going. It is best to do this every 1000 km, or after a longer trip, after the engine has cooled down.

engine without oil and coolant

The coolant has different colors, can they be mixed together?

It may be difficult to pay attention to, but coolants can come in a variety of colors. Do they matter? In most cases, the color is purely an aesthetic matter. The exception is the green liquid in which propylene glycol is used. The other colors are of minor importance.

The key to the successful mixing of liquids is the same type of glycol (e.g. the most popular ethylene). The products should be adjusted to work with the specific material of the system (i.e. both are universal, or both are designed to work with the aluminum system). The level of protection against, for example, freezing is also very important, as it should be at the same level.

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