Cooperation agreement signed between Rabbi (Tn) and Unione Bassa Reggiana

Cooperation agreement signed between Rabbi (Tn) and Unione Bassa Reggiana

In the headquarters of the Grand Hotel Terme Rabbi, a cooperation agreement between public administrations has been signed which will make it possible to make public lighting in the municipality of Rabbi (Tn) more efficient.

Present were: the president of the Lower Reggiana Union Camilla Verona, the pro tempore mayor of Rabbi Lorenzo Cicolini, the director of SABA.R. Servizi Srl Marco Boselli, the president of the STN Val di Sole Alberto Gasperini and the councilor for the environment at the Unione Bassa Reggiana Elena Carletti.


It is not often that we talk about cooperation agreements between public administrations, as instead provided for by Legislative Decree no. On procurement 50/2016 pursuant to art. 5 paragraph 6. The one signed this morning in Rabbi (Tn) with Unione Bassa Reggiana and Sabar Servizi Srl is, however, a good example, as was the one stipulated for the same purposes, in April 2021, with the municipality of Tornolo (Pr ). Two cases of best practice in order to carry out an important efficiency improvement work on the public lighting of the relative municipalities, exploiting the know-how gained by Sabar Servizi to replicate the efficiency improvement intervention in the Municipality of Rabbi (Tn).

“This time we are going to Trentino, in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled valleys of the Alps – says the director of Sabar Servizi, Eng. Marco Boselli – It was they who contacted us to ask for our support, after having learned of our experience and of the energy efficiency interventions already carried out in our municipalities of the Lower Reggiana Union ”.

“The Municipality of Rabbi – explains Boselli – has entrusted the management of public lighting to their in-house company, the Consortium for Territorial Services of Noce – STN Val di Sole, which however does not have the internal skills to develop efficiency measures . For this, he asked for our cooperation. After a few meetings and inspections, they decided to use the instrument of the agreement between public administrations, so last summer we went to do the census and the complete renovation project of the lighting throughout the valley “.

In practice, Sabar Servizi will have to make 331 lighting bodies more efficient by switching from old technologies to SAP (High Pressure Sodium) and HG (Mercury Vapors) to LED ones with a reduction in consumption in the bill equal to 60% and a saving of 79,518 kwh / year. , equal to 7 tons of oil equivalent. In addition, an extension of 99 light points will be added, including the illumination of the tourist area of ​​San Bernardo and the Kneip path.


The energy efficiency sector of public plants constitutes a highly ethical economic context. The use by municipalities of efficiency techniques, in fact, makes it possible to comply with legal obligations, reduce costs and contain polluting emissions.

The Municipalities of the Bassa Reggiana have joined the “Covenant of Mayors – Covenant of Mayors”, promoted by the European Commission and supported by the Emilia-Romagna Region, with the aim of involving local communities to reduce CO2 emissions in cities by 20%, through the implementation of an Action Plan that includes implementation times, dedicated human resources, monitoring, information and education.

The municipalities of the Bassa themselves, in pursuit of these objectives, have therefore started and developed a virtuous energy requalification model since 2016, making use of the service of their in-house company SABA.R. Servizi Srl, which over time has become a highly qualified in-house company specialized in the subject and which is available to export it to other Italian territories.

Also the Municipality of Rabbi, for its part, sharing the aims and objectives pursued by the Municipalities of the Lower Reggiana, intends to develop a virtuous energy efficiency service of public lighting in its own territory. Therefore he entrusted his in-house company STN Val di Sole with the management of the public lighting maintenance service in its municipal area. The agreement signed this morning provides for an initial coaching activity by Sabar Servizi which temporarily supports the Municipality of Rabbi and its in-house company STN Val di Sole.

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