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Patient studies were performed by scientists from the University of Exeter in Great Britain. Their work has been published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

13 percent of patients had an active coronavirus

Scientists used a new test for their research, which shows whether the SARS-CoV-2 virus is active. Standard PCR tests only detect virus particles that indicate their presence in the body, but not their activity. 176 infected people were tested with the new test and it turned out that after 10 days of isolation, 13 percent had an active virus. There were also patients in whom the virus remained active for 68 days.

From a medical point of view, these patients did not stand out – they did not have any distinctive features – said Prof. Lorna Harries of the University of Exeter.

The authors of the study admit that the new test would be very useful in places where there are people at high risk of infection. – There are places – such as nursing homes – where people returning from illness, they can still infect others and therefore constitute a serious public health problem. It would be good to reassure people in such facilities that they are not carriers of the active virus and can no longer infect others, said study author Merlin Davies of the University of Exeter. He added that he wanted to continue research on a larger group of patients.

What does quarantine and isolation look like in Poland?

Quarantine is the isolation of a healthy person due to exposure to infection (e.g. through contact with a sick person). Quarantine is imposed by the sanitary inspection and currently lasts 10 days. Isolation, in turn, applies to people who have a positive test result and its photo depends on a negative coronavirus test result. Visit government websites for up-to-date information on applicable laws and restrictions related to the pandemic.

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