Coronavirus in Germany. Curfew in four counties

The new regulations enter into force on Monday and will be valid until December 12. – Freedom without responsibility is called selfishness, (…) it is about solidarity. New measures are absolutely necessary, said the Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer.

Due to the rapidly increasing number of coronavirus infections, Saxony is introducing large sanitary restrictions in the public sphere. All cultural and leisure facilities, libraries, bars, clubs and discos will be closed. The same applies to Christmas markets as well as tourist and hotel facilities.

Catering facilities will be able to work until 20, and customers will be subject to the 2G rule (admission for vaccinated and convalescent).

It will also be forbidden to organize mass events, festivals and fairs, bus and train trips. Dance schools and adult education centers will be closed. Places with activities for children and youth up to 16 years of age will remain open. The 3G rule (vaccinated, convalescent and Covid-19 negative testers) will apply in workplaces, according to the NTV portal. Schools and kindergartens remain open for the time being.

A curfew will be introduced in poviats with the highest number of coronavirus infections (over 1,000 per 100,000 inhabitants). There are currently four such poviats: Meissen, Bautzen, Leipzig and Saxon Switzerland.

Unvaccinated people will not be allowed to leave their homes after hours. 22. In addition, a ban on alcohol consumption in public places is to be enacted.

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Part of the retail trade was excluded from the restrictions – grocery and basic necessities, supermarkets, drugstores, pharmacies. The 2G rule will apply in shops of other industries and at the hairdresser’s. Churches and religious communities will operate according to the 3G principle.

“We need a different set of tools,” explained Kretschmer. – The existing rules are no longer sufficient, new barriers are necessary. He stressed that the real reason for the difficult situation in Saxony was the low vaccination rate. – Freedom without responsibility is called selfishness, (…) it is about solidarity. The new measures are absolutely necessary, he said.

“With the current rate of growth in infection, no region in Germany will experience Christmas without limits,” NTV predicts. In Saxony, 7791 new infections were registered in the last 24 hours.

Earlier, on November 16, the new precautionary measures were implemented by Bavaria, where the weekly incidence (per 100,000 inhabitants) is 455, and in some counties it exceeds the level of 1000. Higher is recorded only in the poorly vaccinated Thuringia and the above-described Saxony. The average for all of Germany is around 264.

In Bavaria, the pandemic situation “has been approaching its peak for weeks: the incidence is increasing, hospitals are already on the border, there are numerous deaths” – enumerated the Merkur portal. That is why the 2G rule (admission for vaccinated and convalescent) applies to almost all of Bavaria.

– The current situation is extremely dramatic and worrying – said Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holetschek last week. – Only thanks to consistent restrictions, such as 2G, can we effectively protect our healthcare system from an even more dramatic burden – he stressed.

Medics warn against the impending big steps “bottleneck” in hospital wards. – If the prognosis is correct that in 14 days more than half of the intensive care patients will be patients with Covid-19, it will eventually overwhelm us – warned one of the hospital directors in Merkur.

The most difficult situation is in the Rottal-Inn district (Lower Bavaria) – there, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported a weekly incidence of 1,156 cases (per 100,000 inhabitants), which makes it a nationwide leader in the number of new infections. Miesbach (Upper Bavaria) came second with a score of 1049.

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