Coronavirus in the world. Epidemic situation in Great Britain, Portugal and Italy

The number of infections in Great Britain is falling – therefore the Minister of Health has announced that covid certificates and the recommendation to work from home will be lifted in England at the end of January. The prime minister of the Netherlands has also announced that the restrictions will be eased. In Portugal, many lessons were canceled on Friday due to the next day with the highest number of infections. Every day, there are long lines of people for tests at Italian pharmacies, mainly in big cities.

In the UK, for the first time in 24 days, the daily balance of detected coronavirus infections fell below 100,000, it was reported on Friday. The infection data over the past few days clearly show that the peak wave induced by the omicron variant has passed. The number of people in hospitals has also been falling for three days. As of Thursday, there were 19.5 thousand of them. – about 350 less than at the peak of the current pandemic wave.


So far, the declining rate of infection growth has not translated into a decline in new COVID-19 deaths. Admittedly, the 270 which was announced on Friday means the break of the series of three consecutive days with the balance above 300, but it is still 41 more than last Friday.

British Health Minister Sajid Javid announced to Conservative MPs that covid certificates and the recommendation to work from home will be abolished in England at the end of January, The Times reported on Friday.

Coronavirus in Great BritainANDY RAIN / PAP / EPA

The next review of the existing epidemic restrictions is scheduled for January 26. Javid’s announcement means that from February onwards, the only requirement is likely to be wearing masks in closed public spaces.

Another day in Portugal with the highest number of infections

The Portuguese health ministry confirmed over 40,000 people on Friday. coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours – this is the third day of the sustained highest number of infections. According to the estimates of the Ministry of Health, the greatest number of coronavirus infections are currently occurring in the Lisbon agglomeration and in the north of Portugal.

In the afternoon’s announcement, the authorities indicated that the mass coronavirus infections were also accompanied by an unrecorded number of deaths since March 3, 2021. During the last day, 34 of them were recorded. The Ministry of Health added that COVID-19 was responsible in 2021 for nearly 10 percent. all deaths recorded in this period in the country.

Coronavirus in PortugalMARIO CRUZ / PAP / EPA

Meanwhile, representatives of the Portuguese education ministry revealed that many classes were canceled on Friday due to the escalation of the fifth wave of the pandemic. The cause was the massive COVID-19 disease among teaching staff.

10 percent of those infected in Spain suffer from long-term complications

The health ministry in Spain indicated that daily balances of new infections remain high above 160,000. cases. The health service said 139 people from COVID-19 had been confirmed to have died nationwide in the last 24 hours (42 more than last Friday).

Catalonia remains one of the most affected by the sixth wave of the epidemic of the autonomous communities of the country, where the highest number of over 25,000 was recorded in the last day. infections. According to government estimates, about 10 percent of those who contract the coronavirus in this country suffer long-term complications from COVID-19.

Critical ceilings for occupancy of beds exceeded in Italy

In Italy, over the past 24 hours, there were 186,000 cases of coronavirus infections. 360 people died from COVID-19, the most in this wave of the pandemic. The omicron variant has caused more than 80 percent of infections in the country since early January, according to the Institute of Healthcare.

Every day, there are long lines of people for tests at Italian pharmacies, mainly in big cities. In some, you have to wait up to several hours for the examination. 1.3 million tests were performed in the last 24 hours.

Coronavirus in ItalyTino Romano / PAP / EPA

About 1,700 COVID-19 patients are in intensive care, and about 18,000 are infected in the remaining ones. On a national scale, the critical ceilings for occupied beds, designated for resuscitation and regular wards, have been exceeded.

The office of the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Pandemic, General Francesco Figliuolo, announced a significant acceleration of the vaccination campaign. 4.5 million people were vaccinated in the last seven days, 1.5 million more than in the previous week. The number of vaccinations over the age of 50 has recently tripled. They are obliged to vaccinate.

Partial easing of restrictions in the Netherlands

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced on Friday a partial relaxation of the strict lockdown. From Saturday, shops, universities and gyms will reopen, and hairdressers and prostitutes will return to work. On Friday, a record number of over 35.5 thousand was detected in the country. new infections.

– There is still a serious threat of the virus and therefore we cannot open the country right away – the head of government said at a press conference. For this reason, restaurants, cinemas and theaters will remain closed. We have to learn to live with the coronavirus, added new Health Minister Ernst Kuipers.

High infection rates in France

France still has high numbers of new coronavirus infections. 329,371 cases were reported on Friday, the Public Health Agency (SPF) reported on Friday.

Another Coronavirus Variant Detected in France

Another Coronavirus Variant Detected in FranceTVN24

Due to coronavirus infection, 2,486 patients with COVID-19 were admitted to hospitals during the last day, including 310 to intensive care units. 191 patients died in hospitals. The total death toll from the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic has risen to 126,721.

Main photo source: Tino Romano / PAP / EPA

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