Coronavirus. Macron wants to “piss off” the unvaccinated. A wave of criticism

On Tuesday an interview with “Le Parisien” Emmanuel Macron warned that he intended to make life in France difficult for people who are not vaccinated against COVID-19.

“I don’t mean pissing off the French,” he said. – But as for the unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off. And we will do it until the end. This is the strategy – added.

As he stressed, “he will not send unvaccinated people to prison, nor will he by force vaccinate anyone.” – We have to tell them that from January 15th they will not be able to go to the restaurant anymore. They will not be able to go for a coffee, they will not be able to go to the theater or to the cinema – he enumerated.

Macron added: “When my freedoms threaten others’ freedoms, I become irresponsible. Someone irresponsible is not a citizen“.

According to Macron’s political opponents, the language he used in the interview, considered colloquial or even vulgar, was not worthy of the president.

“No state of health can justify such words,” he said Bruno Retailleau, leader of the right-wing Republicans in the Senate, quoted by AFP. He added, “Emmanuel Macron says he has learned to love the French, but he seems to particularly like to despise them.”

On the other hand Marine le Pen she wrote on Twitter: “The president should not say that … Emmanuel Macron he is unworthy of his office “.

Meanwhile, the leader of a radical left party Jean-Luc Melenchon he described these remarks as “amazing confession” and Macron’s language “terrifying”

– Clearly the pass covid is a collective punishment against individual freedom – added.

Macron’s comments came as the French parliament debated the new legislation. However, the National Assembly (lower house) of parliament suspended the vote on the government’s introductory bill on Tuesday night. vaccine passport in place of a health passport from January 15.

That is, January 15 sanitary passports unvaccinated booster dose Coronavirus vaccines will not expire, as previously announced by the government.

Access to public places and long distance transport will continue to be available also upon presentation negative PCR or antigen testwhich was excluded by a government act.

The members of the LREM presidential party were not numerous enough to vote in favor of continuing the debate in parliament. “There was clearly a lack of anticipation and mobilization,” a parliamentary source from AFP admitted.

Suspension of the parliamentary debate on the government-critical bill introducing a vaccine passport in place of a sanitary passport is failure of the government commentators say.

Disappointed with the decision of the deputies, the minister for transformation and public service Amelie de Montchalin She assured on Tuesday that “the vaccine passport will be introduced as soon as possible”.

This is not the first time the government has struggled with its own majority in parliament on coronavirus voting. In November 2020, MPs adopted an amendment limiting the health emergency to December 14, instead of February 16, as expected by the government.

The last day in France was recorded 264 thous. new infections and 342 deaths.

In France the number of COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization is growing rapidly. On Monday, 19,606 such patients were reported (3,654 of them were treated in intensive care), the previous week there were 16,921 (3,333 in the ICU), public health agency data show.

IN fully vaccinated there are 49.6 million people in France, which is 73.5 percent. population.

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