Coronavirus, Portugal: 400 airline criminal cases for not COVID-19 certificates as of January 2021

The Portuguese authorities have initiated more than 400 criminal trials since January 2021 against air carriers who delivered passengers to the country without valid sanitary documents, such as coronavirus tests or documents confirming vaccination against COVID-19.

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As estimated by Radio Observador on the basis of data from the State Office for Civil Aviation (ANAC) in Lisbon, in 2021, over 400 criminal proceedings were initiated against 55 airlines. The institution did not disclose the amount that has been recovered so far.

However, she indicated that the cases concerned over 4.6 thousand. passengers who arrive at Portugal they did not have a document confirming the absence of infection with them coronavirussuch as a negative test, immunization certificate or medical certificate of Covid-19.

ANAC statistics show that in 2020, 254 criminal proceedings were initiated against 17 airlines that transported nearly 2.7 thousand passengers to Portugal. people without valid sanitary documents.

As of Wednesday, Portugal has a state of disaster law, which allows you to arrive only after having passed a negative test. COVID-19 and a medical certificate stating that you have had this disease in the last six months. The vaccine certificate is not considered a valid document.

According to the police, the number of people arriving in Portugal without valid sanitary documents is not yet high. Only 20 such cases were confirmed at Lisbon airport on Wednesday.

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Under the new regulations, passengers without valid sanitary documents must pay a fine of EUR 300-800, and airlines – from EUR 20,000. up to 40 thousand euro.

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