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Sofia Vergara turned to his account of Instagram to send a meaningless message to his countrymen, in which he asked them to comply with the prevention measures to avoid the expansion of the COVID-19.

“To withdraw”, was the short message with which the actress shared her publication in the feed on your Instagram.

In the clip, one minute in duration, Sofia Vergara says that is in the comfort of your home in Los Angeles, the united States, where he is spending his quarantine accompanied by her children and her husband.

“I have been more than a week locked up, as all the world, going crazy here, but trying to obey the mandate of being at home”, said the famous.

“So I ask all colombians to obey, to behave well, and to be in their homes to protect yourselves and others… and to protect the world, because in these moments is the only thing that we can do. […] There are to be creative, eat a lot, sing, dance; that colombians like us”, added.

Also, Sophia mentioned that her cousin Rosa had sent him from his native country of Colombia, arepas −a typical food of the region made from corn, with which “survive” for more than a month.

“Thank God I have a reserve of arepas frozen, which I commanded my cousin Rose, so I think I’m going to survive a month of ” arepas”, mentioned between laughs.

The video of Vergara account up to the time with more of 800 thousand of reproductions and a lot of his fans appreciated his words of encouragement and hope.


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