Coronavirus. The German institute tested the effectiveness of the masks

If an infected person and a healthy (but unvaccinated) person meet in a closed room at a short distance from each other, the risk of infection is as low as 0.1 percent, even after 20 minutes. Prerequisite: both must wear properly fitted masks to comply at least the FFP2 standard. If the uninfected person is vaccinatedthe risk of infection drops even more, the researchers said.

However, according to researchers from The Max Planck Institute, it is important to wear the FFP2 or KN95 mask correctly. For optimal protection, the nose piece must have a “round W” shape so that it presses against the sides of the nose.

In the case of poorly fitting FFP2 the risk of infection under the same circumstances is approx four percent, writes a team led by the institute director Eberhard Bodenschatz in the scientific journal of the US National Academy of Sciences “Proceedings of the US National Academy of Sciences”.

The researchers’ analysis also shows that tight-fitting FFP2 masks provide 75 times better protection than well fitting surgical masks. Nevertheless, even surgical masks with a good fit reduce the risk of infection up to a maximum of 10 percent.

Scientists calculated the risk of infection taking into account various factors such as particle size, exhalation physics, different types of masks, and the risk of inhaling the coronavirus. The researchers emphasize that their conclusions are very cautious.

“In everyday life, the actual likelihood of contamination is certainly 10 to 100 times lower,” says Bodenschatz.

However, the researchers wanted to assess the risk as carefully as possible. – If under these conditions even the greatest theoretical risk is small, you are on the completely safe side in real life – convinces Bodenschatz.

It is different when two people meet, who don’t wear masks. In this situation, according to scientists, if a healthy person breathes the same air as an infected person for several minutes three meters away, there is a 90 percent chance of becoming infected. “We didn’t think you could absorb an infectious dose from the air exhaled by a virus carrier so quickly, just a few meters away,” says Bodenschatz.

The results showed once again that wearing masks in schools and also “is not a good idea at all”.

DPA / du, Editorial Office Polska Deutsche Welle

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