Coronavirus Today. How many infections and deaths on November 25? New ministry data

The new infections concern the following voivodships: Mazowieckie (4886), Śląskie (3444), Małopolskie (2332), Greater Poland (2309), Dolnośląskie (2087), Pomeranian (1769), Łódzkie (1601), Lublin (1580), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (1536) ), West Pomeranian (1333), Subcarpathian (1229), Warmian-Masurian (971), Opole (782), Podlasie (727), Lubuskie (654), Świętokrzyskie (654).

234 infections are data without specifying an address, which will be supplemented by the sanitary inspection.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Poland since the beginning of the pandemic has amounted to 3,434 272. 82 186 the sick died.

Coronavirus in Poland

Infections and deaths. Daily data

In Poland, it was performed in total 41 001 978 vaccination against COVID-19. It is fully vaccinated 20 320 159 people. He took a booster dose 2 070 275 vaccinated.

He stays in hospitals 19,087 patients with COVID-19, including 1657 patients connected to ventilators. For COVID-19 patients has been prepared 24,927 beds and 2269 respirators.

He is in quarantine 660 170 people. It has recovered so far 2,934,027 infected. The last day was done 110 915 tests.

In Botswana it was identified a new variant of the coronaviruswho managed to get to South Africa and Hong Kong. The multitude of its spines and the potential to mutate cause serious concern to scientists at Imperial College London, reports Australian on Thursday.

Variant B.1.1529, which will probably be named Nu strain, was detected on November 11 in Botswana. Three days later, its presence was confirmed in a patient in South Africa. He was also identified in the 36-year-old who returned from South Africa to Hong Kong on November 13.

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