Couple Arrested On Suspicion Of Breaking Into San Diego Burger King

A man and a woman were arrested Monday on suspicion of having entered a fast food restaurant in City Heights, after officers discovered them leaving the back door of the establishment, police said.

Officers received a call around 1:55 am from an employee of a Burger King in the 4100 blocks of University Avenue reporting that two people were acting suspiciously near the back of the building, said Officer Billy Hernandez.

The officers responded to the area and saw the couple leaving the back door, which when they noticed the officers turned themselves in without incident, Hernández said.

It was not immediately clear if the couple reached for something while they were inside the restaurant.

The suspects were identified as Nicolas Suter, 36, who was rotated to the central jail in San Diego and Stormey Vergonet, 36, who was admitted to the Las Colinas Detention Center, each on suspicion of commercial theft.

Both are being held with a bail set at $ 25,000 pending their presentation in court for their reading of charges, scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

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