COVID-19. Mandatory vaccinations in Germany from mid-March. Which groups will it concern?

Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND) refers to information from the SPD, FDP and the Greens that make up the new coalition in Germany and explains that all current employees and all those who will start work from January 1, 2022 in hospitals, care facilities and outpatient clinics will have to show a certificate of full vaccination protection by March 15 at the latest.

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Certificate required, but there is an exception

Those who started work later will need an appropriate certificate from the beginning. The transitional period is to enable all those working in the above-mentioned facilities to get vaccinated. Employees who, for medical reasons, cannot get vaccinated, are exempt from this obligation. The bill and the “institutional vaccination obligation” are to be passed in the Bundestag by mid-December at the latest.

According to Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland, according to the current plans, it will not be possible to work without an appropriate certificate. Failure to do so is to be treated as an administrative offense and punishable by a fine. The amendment to the law is intended to provide more effective protection against coronavirus infection, especially for the elderly and those suffering from comorbidities. In the past – mainly in nursing homes – there have been numerous outbreaks of coronavirus infections.

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“Institutional vaccination obligation” for certain professional groups

The German government and the federal states agreed on Thursday (2/2/2021) that the Bundestag would “soon” decide on universal compulsory vaccinations. The Ethics Council in Germany is to prepare a recommendation on this matter by the end of the year.

According to the provisions, there is also to be an “institutional vaccination obligation” for certain professional groups, for example for employees of care facilities for the elderly and clinics. The German Ministry of Health has already prepared a relevant bill.

The German Nursing Council welcomed the decision of the government and the Länder to involve nursing staff in the vaccination campaign. – In order to be able to vaccinate as soon as possible, we support the transfer of vaccinations to the nursing staff as soon as possible – said the head of the German Nursing Council Christine Vogler in an interview with RND on Friday (03/02/2021).

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It also calls for more permanent powers for this professional sector. She stressed that she did not understand “why in the transmission of medical knowledge, people employed in nursing are not entitled to do so.”

Vogler stressed that in other countries, nursing workers are involved in the vaccination campaign from counseling to vaccination. She explained that also in Germany, these people are sufficiently qualified for this. As she explained, they are trained to administer vaccinations and have “trusting relationships with patients and people in need of care whose health situation they know.”

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The article comes from the Deutsche Welle website.

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