COVID-19 won’t let go. Which poviats have the most new infections?

  1. On January 11, the most cases were recorded in the city-district of Warsaw

  2. In turn, the highest average of infections from the last week can be seen in the Małopolska poviats

  3. The situation looks best in eastern voivodships, i.e. where the fourth wave hit the hardest in the initial phase

  4. On the other hand, the fastest weekly increase took place in the poviat with the seat of Zakopane

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In which poviats the highest number of infections in one day?

On January 11, the Ministry of Health informed about 11 thousand. 406 new cases of COVID-19 in Poland. The greatest number of infections took place in the province. Mazowieckie (1 thous. 750) and Małopolskie (1 thous. 355). As far as the division into poviats is concerned, the greatest number of infections took place in cities (having poviat status), being the capitals of these voivodships.

863 infections were found in Warsaw, and 435 in Kraków. Other city-poviats – Poznań (325), Łódź (305), Wrocław (277) and Gdańsk (276) came in the next places. This is a rather standard situation.

It is a bit different when you look at infections per population. As can be seen below on the map presented by the Ministry of Health, the darkest color is the poviats in Małopolska, Mazowsze, Podkrapacie and Pomerania, and at the western border of the country.

COVID-19 infections in counties

COVID-19 infections in counties


On January 11, the highest number of cases per 10 thousand. inhabitants took place in the poviat of Police (8.25), Bieszczady (6.49), Poznań (6.09), Lidzbark poviat 96.09), Nowy Sącz (5.97), Gdynia (5.9), Gdańsk ( 5.85), Sanok (5.85) and Krakow (5.57) poviats.

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On the other hand, the best situation was in the district of Węgorzewo (Warmińsko-Mazurskie) – not a single infection was found there today. One patient was reported in the following poviats: Łosicki (Mazowieckie), Kamiennogórski (Dolnośląskie), Gołdap (Warmińsko-Mazurskie), Kluczbork (Opolskie), Moniecki (Podlaskie) and Ostrołęka (Mazowieckie).

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Which poviats had the most infections in the last week?

What is the average daily infection rate from the last seven days in individual poviats?

Such data is regularly presented on the Tableau platform by Piotr Tarnowski, an analyst collecting and processing data on COVID-19 in Poland. The map below shows that the most infections take place in Małopolska. The city-poviat of Krakow has the highest average (range of 70-90 infections) cases in the last week in Poland. It is the only one marked in black.

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Violet color means an average of 50-70 infections per day. It mainly denotes cities with poviat rights, i.e. Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk and Gdynia. In addition, the poviats of Legionowo (Mazowieckie Voivodeship), Kraków, Wielicki, Proszowice (Małopolskie Voivodeship) and Police (Western Pomerania Voivodeship) poviats are purple.

Average of infections in the last seven days in poviats

Average of infections in the last seven days in poviats


The situation is best in the eastern voivodships, i.e. where the fourth wave hit the hardest in the initial phase. In the voiv. Podlaskie has the most poviats marked with yellow (the daily average is 10-25 cases), and the green color of Siemiatycze poviat means that there were 2-10 cases a day on average there. The predominance of “yellow” counties also occurs in the province. Lublin.

The green color, denoting the lowest average of the last days, can also be seen in the eastern part of the province. Mazowieckie – the counties of Łosice, Sokołów and Ostrołęka.

Coronavirus in counties. Where are the biggest gains?

The map showing the percent change – week to week – in infections is completely different. Here, too, we use data compiled by Piotr Tarnowski.

The greatest increase in infections can be seen in the province. Tatra Mountains with its seat in Zakopane. In the week of January 4-10, the total number of infections was 127, the previous week it was 49. This means that the number of cases increased by 159%.

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Janowski poviat (Lubelskie Voivodeship) comes in second with an increase of 139%. In two poviats, the increase was 100%. – in Działdowo (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship) and Zwoleń (Masovian Voivodeship).

Increase in COVID-19 infections in poviats in Poland

Increase in COVID-19 infections in poviats in Poland


In the rest of the country, increases are double-digit, in about 40 percent. in counties, the total number of cases from the last seven days has decreased compared to the sum from the previous seven days. This mainly applies to poviats in the province. Lubuskie, Opole, Silesia and Greater Poland.

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