Covid penis. Media about the case of a man whose organ has shrunk by nearly 4 cm

The subject of “covid penis” was raised in the January podcast of the online magazine “Slate”.

In the letter, the lecturers were approached by a man in his thirties who claimed to have become seriously ill with COVID-19 in July last year and began to suffer from erectile dysfunction after leaving the hospital. As he explained, the situation improved thanks to the doctors’ help, but he was left with another problem.

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According to the man, his penis has shrunk by almost 4 centimeters. It was supposed to be the result of permanent vessel damage.

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Covid penis. Can the virus affect the size of the reproductive organs?

As points out, little is known about the relationship of COVID-19 to the reproductive system.

In contrast, a small study of four men by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Florida in the US shows that coronavirus infection can lead to reduced blood flow to the genitals. As a result, there may be problems with getting an erection. also recalls that a study published by University College London last year found that some men who underwent COVID-19 did indeed experience reductions in the size of their penis and testicles.

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