Covid, quarantine end after 2 days and negative test / Hope slows “No changes”

There was a comparison between the technicians of the Ministry of Health And the regional health councilors regarding the new Covid rules. The hypothesis is to shorten the Covid quarantine for those who no longer have symptoms. There is talk of allowing the end of Covid quarantine after 48 hours from the end of symptomsif it turns out negative to the swab, to be carried out in any case by the doctor, pharmacy or local health authority. However, these are strategies already applied in several Western countries.

Currently the system provides for a Covid quarantine of at least 7 days and a negative buffer to be able to return to freedom, without distinction between symptomatic and asymptomaticbut since Omicron 5 caused mainly mild symptoms that could be resolved in a few days, a new circular is being considered with a new mechanism. In the evening, however, the minister Roberto Speranza he braked. But there is no doubt that the Regions want to review the rules, including those onvaccination obligation for health personnel and overcoming the monitoring daily aggregate data, maintaining a weekly analysis.


Among the hypotheses for the new Covid rules not only isolation, but also that of to reduce the time of maximum Covid quarantine, which is currently 21 days, for longer-lasting forms of disease. According to what reported by Health Newspaper, could be lowered to 15 days with the Regions however asking for the exit to take place after 10 days. The Regions they also asked to pass the daily monitoring to move to the weekly analysis. But there is also a request to review theregulatory system on the vaccination obligation for health personnelgiven that the assumption has changed and the epidemiological scenario is no longer what it was before.

The Regions therefore, ask for a precise definition of all the subjects and structures in which the obligation and the deadline for deferring the obligation for subjects with a previous infection are in force, also taking into account the impact that the suspension of operators causes on the functioning of the structures sanitary. After the advances, however, the health minister Roberto Speranza commented: “No changes in sight regarding isolation. As always, an epidemiological trend will occur and there will be confrontation with Regions“.


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