Covid, the FdI Health Manager: “Vaccine only the elderly, stop the obligation for health workers. Masks in the hospital? Only in certain wards”

The Covid vaccine? “Only for the elderly people and who has Health problems, and just obligations “. Masks in the hospital? “Only in departments where there are fragile people, maybe not in orthopedics but in intensive care “. And the green pass? “We are against it, period”. To anticipate, in an interview with Republicthe coordinates on which the new government will move in view of a possible resurgence of Covid is Marcello Gemmato, recently re-elected deputy from Bari and head of Health of the Brothers of Italy, who is also one of the names in the field for the Ministry of Health. So far, he says, “there has been a ideological approach to the management of the pandemic, we have not moved to the point of science. There have been two trends: one extremist and another of fools who consider the vaccine to be dirty water. Between hyper closurists And conspiracy theoristswe are in the middle, with science ”.

On the green pass “we have always said that it was not a health measure, it did not start from scientific principles. Fauci (Anthony, famous American virologist, ed) claimed months ago that vaccinated it can become infected and contagious because there are no immunoglobulins in the mucous membrane of the mouth and in the nasal passages ”, says Gemmato, who is a pharmacist by profession. “Later we saw that it was true, people got infected anyway. The green pass therefore gave a false security“. Will it no longer even serve to access health facilities? “We are against this certificate. Point. If you want to check if a person is infected, do the antigenic swab and of course “.

When asked about vaccines, however, Gemmato replies: “The data tell us that mortality from Covid concerns people aged 65 and over. The vaccination strategy should make the elderly and those with health problems safe. Vaccinate i six-year-olds it didn’t make sense “. Again: “It’s okay to recommend, don’t put more obligations and in fact there is no need to renew what concerns the health personnel, expiring on December 31st. Among other things, in the minds of the most foolish, the imposed vaccine suggests that there is an interest from multinationals behind it ”.

And the masks, which from 1 October will remain mandatory only in healthcare facilities? “Need evaluate circulation and decide whether to recommend them and where. In the hospital, therefore, it would be desirable for them to go to wards where there are fragile people. Maybe not in orthopedics but in intensive care “. If a new wave arrives, concludes the Head of Health of FdI, “we will be ready but starting from scientific data, we rely on them to make decisions. We will not follow virstarsbut scientists with a high impact factor and perhaps the guidelines already taken in other countries ”.

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