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Bologna, 6 August 2022 – They are nowadays the 2,713 new infections in Emilia Romagna, detected on a total of 15,321 swabs performed in the last 24 hours (of which 6,994 molecular and rapid) for a positivity rate of 17.7%.

The average age of the new positives is 51.1 years. Hospitalizations are still decreasing: patients are stable in intensive care (43) while there are 65 fewer people in the other Covid departments (1,440 with an average age of 76.1 years).

For a recount of the data of recent weeks in the Bologna area, today they are well recorded 31 dead related to the pandemic.

Covid in Emilia Romagna: the infections of 6 August 2022

The situation of admissions

Patients currently hospitalized in the intensive therapies in Emilia-Romagna are 43 (unchanged from yesterday), the average age is 63 years. Regarding patients hospitalized in the other Covid departments are 1,440 (-65 compared to yesterday, -4.3% ), mean age 76.1 years.

On the territory, the patients admitted to intensive care are distributed as follows: 2 a Piacenza (unchanged from yesterday); 2 a Parma (unchanged); 5 a Reggio Emilia (+1); 5 a Modena (+1); 10 a Bologna (-2); 3 a Imola (+1); 5 a Ferrara (unchanged); 2 a Forlì (-1); 3 a Cesena (unchanged); 6 a Rimini (unchanged).

No ICU hospitalization a Ravenna (figure unchanged from yesterday).

The Covid infection map

L’ middle age of today’s new positives is 51.1 years.

The situation of infections in the provinces can be seen Bologna with 431 new cases (out of a total of 366,218 since the start of the epidemic) followed by Modena (388 out of 271,486); then Reggio Emilia (308 out of 200,478), Ferrara (282 out of 126,492); Rimini (255 out of 167,693); Parma (242 out of 149,427), Ravenna (226 out of 167,421). Therefore Piacenza (187 out of 91,151), Cesena (183 out of 99.960), Forlì (126 of 82,396). Finally the Imolese district with 85 new positive cases out of a total of 55,601 since the beginning of the pandemic.

THE active cases that is i actual patients, they are 47,287 (-1,977). Of these, people in home insulation i.e. those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, are a total of 45,804 (-1,912), the 96.8% of the total number of active cases .

The dead Covid

They register 31 deaths : 2 in the province of Piacenza (two women aged 81 and 91), 1 in the province of Parma (a 98-year-old woman), 2 in the province of Reggio Emilia (a 92-year-old woman and a 73-year-old man), 3 in the province of Modena (three women aged 71, 74 and 82), 20 in the province of Bologna (13 women, one of which 76, two of 81, two of 87, two of 90, one of 91, one of 95, two of 97, one of 98 and one of 100; 7 men of which one of 84 years, two of 88, two of 92, one of 94 and one of 102), 1 in Imolese district (an 89-year-old woman), 1 in the province of Forlì-Cesena (a 95-year-old woman), 1 in the province of Rimini (a 77 year old man)

The figure of deaths in the province of Bologna takes into account a recount of cases relating to the past weeks. There are no deaths in the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna.

Covid in Italy on August 6, 2022

The epidemic curve in Italy is still decreasing. In the last 24 hours they are 35,004 new cases of Covid , against the 38,219 of yesterday but above all the 49,571 of last Saturday. The processed swabs are 229,180 (yesterday 223,852) with a positivity rate that falls from 17.1% to 15.3%. The dead linked to the pandemic are 158 in the last 24 hours (yesterday 175), for a total of 173,062 victims since the beginning of the crisis.

The intensive therapies they drop by 15 units (yesterday -11) becoming 336 in all with 26 admissions on the day. Ordinary hospitalizations are 374 fewer (yesterday -337), for a total of 9,023.

School and masks: the new rules

At school with no symptoms or fever and with a negative test, FFP2 masks only for the most vulnerable and school staff. These are the indications for returning to class in September contained in the document for first and second grade schools published by Higher Institute of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Instruction, the conference of regions and autonomous provinces.

These are “on the one hand, standard prevention measures for the beginning of the school year which take into account the current framework, and on the other hand, further interventions to be progressively modulated on the basis of the risk assessment and the possible change in the epidemiological framework. A double ‘level’ that allows the system adequate preparation and rapid activation of the measures as needed. Within a few days, a specific document will be published with indications for kindergartens “.

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