‘Creed’ and ‘Black Panther’ Star Michael B. Jordan Takes Over With Presenter’s Daughter

Model Lori Harvey is 23 years old and has starred in rumors about affairs with rappers Future and Diddy

Actor Michael B. Jordan took up his relationship with model Lori Harvey, daughter of TV presenter Steve Harvey. The protagonist of productions such as ‘Black Panther’ (2018) and the films of the ‘Creed’ series, the 33-year-old shared an album on Instagram with two photos in which he and the 23-year-old model appear together.

Lori Harvey made a simultaneous post to that of her boyfriend on her Instagram account, also with two photos of the two together. In the records he shared, the two pose in a low-light setting, first serious and then looking at each other’s faces. In Lori’s images, they appear in more romantic moments.

One of the photos shared by actor Michael B. Jordan making public his relationship with model Lori Harvey (Photo: Instagram)

While Jordan did not include any captions in the post with the photos, Lori included the little heart emoji in his publication.

One of the photos shared by actor Michael B. Jordan making public his relationship with model Lori Harvey (Photo: Instagram)

The first rumors of the romance between the actor and the model went public in November last year when they were photographed leaving a plane in the city of Atlanta just arrived from Los Angeles. In the photos, the two appear wearing hygienic masks as a pandemic prevention method and hooded jackets to hide their identities from fans and paparazzi.

The model Lori Harvey (Photo: Instagram)

With a contract signed with modeling agencies in the United States and Europe, Lori left a relationship with rapper Future a few months ago.

Actor Michael B. Jordan in scene of Black Panther (2018) (Photo: Reproduction)

Previously, she was rumored about a brief affair with rapper Diddy, 28 years older than her and only two years younger than the model’s father. In October 2019, she was arrested and released after the vehicle she was driving hit another car on the streets of Los Angeles.

Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in Creed 2 (Photo: Reproduction)

Discreet about his personal life, Michael B. Jordan was recently voted “The Sexiest Man in the World 2020” by People magazine, surpassing actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, winner of the title in 2019. He is expected to return to boxer Adonis Creed’s role for ‘Creed 3’, with no release date yet.

Model Lori Harvey with her father, host Steve Harvey (Photo: Instagram)

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