Crimes of the future, Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart in David Cronenberg’s (disturbing) future

Crimes of the future, a new nightmare from the future by David Cronenberg

Dreams are said to set you free and keep you alive. Who knows if the same principle applies when they become nightmares in which we voluntarily engage ourselves. You ask something like David Cronenberg in Crimes of the futurehis latest visionary project presented at Cannes Film Festivala futuristic drama that will debut in Italian theaters in all its visionary strength.


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The Earth is on its knees due to the now chronicled climate crisis. Pollution has led human bodies to adapt to the environment by constantly changing and there are those who use these changes to exhibit their creative visions. This is the case of Saul Tenser (Viggo Mortensen), an artist who performs in rather extreme performances in which he develops or removes new organs staging the metamorphosis of humanity. His partner Caprice helps him (Léa Seydoux), with a past as a surgeon, who shares his eclectic ambitions. Not everyone, however, appreciates their extreme shows, indeed the performances put them on a sort of target when the government decides to investigate their ambiguous work and send Timlin to explore (Kristen Stewart), who works for the National Organ Registry and must find out what is behind Saul’s performances.

Cronenberg drive away retirement

On the Croisette, the 79-year-old Canadian filmmaker clearly explained that he was not ready to retire. As much as it may seem apocalyptic watching the film (it is, and how) there are – in his words – «many other cinematic crimes to be explored before the end. This time I focused on the passage of time, of getting old, which is precisely the result of the work of our eyes. My mom one day told me: “My son, you will die but not for a long time”. Which, as you can imagine, left me with many doubts».

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