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Ugo Mattei touches it slowly, the jurist who has jumped to the headlines for his battle against the green pass and the obligation to vaccinate during the pandemic. During the Tuesday 4 October episode of L’aria che tira, the founder of the Doubt and Precaution Commission, when asked about the war in Ukraine and the gas crisis, stated in no uncertain terms that the former Secretary of State of the United States of America , Henry Kissinger, “is a war criminal”.

In Europe, the anxiety of gas for the winter is triggered.  Oil will also cost more

Words that freeze the presenter, who recalls how the American politician in his long career managed to make Richard Nixon and Chinese leader Mao Zedong sit at the same table, in the famous visit of the US president to Beijing in 1972: ” history”. “But he also deposed Salvador Allende in Chile” retorts Mattei, citing the American role in the 1973 coup.

Loyalists ready to give up Putin.  Shock scenarios: collapse of the regime or nuclear disaster

In the studio there is the entrepreneur Chicco Testa who turns to Merlin: “But why are you inviting him?” he says he argues with Mattei. “It’s a different voice …” the host says. “I have been studying history and geopolitics for many years and judging Kissinger as an authority to be listened to means that we have reached a level of spectacularity in the conversation that has no limits and on which we should reflect” is the final thrust of the jurist. The presenter prefers to postpone the frontal attack and sends the advertisement.

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