Crisis on the border. Critical words of Mariusz Fyrstenberg

There is a crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. The state of emergency covers over 170 towns in the Lubelskie and Podlaskie voivodships. During the last 24 hours, 255 illegal attempts to enter Poland were recorded there.

Media representatives are not admitted to the border on the Polish side. On the Belarusian side, on the other hand, no such restrictions apply to the media. Events from the very border are reported, among others, by British BBC and American CNN. Mariusz Fyrstenberg spoke in bitter words about the bizarre situation on Friday.

“I turned on CNN to find out what was happening in my country, on the border with Belarus,” wrote Fyrstenberg on Twitter.

“It’s not so much about specific information, but the very fact that I have to watch foreign media to learn something about Poland,” the former tennis player explained in response.

Mariusz Fyrstenberg is one of the most successful tennis players in Poland. He has 18 doubles trophies to his credit, including Australian Open semi-final in 2006 and US Open final in 2011.

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