Cristiano Ronaldo. The perfect season in 2011-12

Everything you always dreamed of knowing about Cristiano Ronaldo but never dared to ask. By Rui Miguel Tovar.


Rui Miguel Tovar

Rui Miguel Tovar

Everything you always dreamed of knowing about Cristiano Ronaldo but never dared to ask. By Rui Miguel Tovar.

Chapter 15. The Perfect Season in 2011-12

Eusébio is the first, Jardel the last. In between, no one. Not one to sample. Believe me, only Eusébio and Jardel score against all teams in a 1st division season. Between the registration of one and the other, a distance of 34 years.

Eusébio establishes the brand in 1967-68, when he won the first Golden Boot, at the service of Benfica. The man stands tall and scores vs Vitória SC (2 in the first round + 3 in the second), Barreirense (2+4), Braga (0+2), Vitória FC (1+0), Belenenses (0+4), Leixões (1+2), Tirsense (0+3), CUF (1+0), Sanjoanense (4+4), Académica (1+0), Sporting (0+1), FC Porto (1+1) and Varzim (1+6).

Other times, without a doubt, especially if we take into account the basket of Sanjoanense (eight goals, four in São João da Madeira and another four in Luz) and also that of Varzim (six in the last round – anything goes to overtake the German Gerd Müller , from Bayern.

We’ve advanced a few years and we’re already in the 21st century. Jardel’s feat is even more meritorious than Eusébio’s for the greater number of teams (from 14 to 18) and because Super-Mário only lands in Portugal on the fourth round, for the game in Leiria, vs União de Mourinho. Go there, take it and get: FC Porto (0+1), Belenenses (0+2), Alverca (0+3), U. Leiria (1+3), Gil Vicente (1+0), Farense ( 3+0), Vitória SC (2+0), Braga (1+2), Santa Clara (0+1), Paços (2+2), Salgueiros (2+0), Boavista (1+0), Marítimo (1+2), Varzim (2+2), Benfica (2+1), Vitória FC (1+2) and Beira-Mar (0+2).

A hero from Benfica and another from Sporting is seen. A representative of FC Porto is being asked for here, but Fernando Gomes, the most serious candidate, fails all along the line, even in the Golden Boot season (82-83 and 84-85). In the first case, Benfica de Bento is to blame. In the second, it’s from Sporting de Katzirz.

If we transport the same exercise abroad, the only Portuguese to score against all teams in his league in one edition is Ronaldo in 2011-12. Mourinho’s Real Madrid are crowned Spanish champions and Cristiano’s aim is unparalleled. The epic begins unexpectedly, with a hat-trick vs Zaragoza.

By the end of the first round, Ronaldo had scored four more hat-tricks, vs Rayo Vallecano, Malaga and Seville. There are still bis vs Osasuna, Atlético and Athletic. And a goal vs Getafe, Valencia, Sporting Gijón and Granada. So suddenly, 22 goals against 11 opponents out of a total of 19.

Still on the subject of the hat-trick vs Seville, it is to close the calendar year 2011. And; it is already known, whatever the balance of a year, reaching a conclusion invariably leaves us with our mouths open between the fun and the fantastic, between the rediscovery of evident truths and the discovery of amazing facts. Such as this one related to the ranking of the best Portuguese scorers in a calendar year, encompassing all national and international competitions by the club(s) plus the national team.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a goal against the Netherlands national team.  EPA/OLIVER BERG

Stories about the lesser known side of the Portuguese player. By Rui Miguel Tovar.

Well, 2011 shows an impressive Ronaldo with 60 goals in 60 games. Of those 60 (we are talking about goals, for a change), 53 for Real Madrid and seven for Portugal. The record is overwhelming, not least because he scores in most games (say 33) and, sometimes, when he does, he has an unusual aim. Namely: eight doubles, eight hat-tricks and even a poker (believe, and you know? Seville). Record numbers? Undoubtedly.

If Ronaldo hadn’t scored that hat-trick in the last game of the year, in Seville (always Sevilla, Díos mio), Real Madrid’s 7 would only match Eusébio’s mark, author of the modest amount of 58 goals in the beautiful year of 1964, between 53 for Benfica and five for Portugal. Since then, 47 years. The ball changes color, leather, shape, the goalkeepers improve, the goals gain round posts and behold, there is another player speaking Portuguese with his feet, through goals. It’s Ronaldo, at Real Madrid.

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Parenthesis closed, we go back to Ronaldo’s 2011-12 season. Do you feel the pressure in the air? The second round starts with another goal vs Zaragoza. And then a hat-trick vs Levante. learn Racing, Rayo Vallecano and Espanyol follow. To all these, Cristiano hits the spot. Only one. Then bis vs Betis. And one vs Villarreal. And bis vs Real Sociedad. And bis vs Osasuna. And hat-trick vs Atletico. Irra, the man is here with a pedal.

With four games to go, Ronaldo already has 17 opponents marked. Two to go, one is Barcelona, ​​the other Mallorca. One is next, at Camp Nou. It is an important derby, more important than any other, because a slip by Real Madrid leaves it at the mercy of the then biggest club in the world and a joy extends the red carpet towards the coveted title of champion.

The result is 1:1 when Özil clears Ronaldo with a sublime pass and the conclusion in Valdés’ face seems easy. During the festivities, he makes a mean face on his way to the corner flag with the gesture of ‘calm down, very calm’. Barcelona, ​​check, 18th victim. Mallorca is left on the last matchday, on 15 May. Until then, Real Madrid seal the title in Bilbao with 0:3. Ronaldo does his thing, of course – and only after missing a penalty with 0:0 on the scoreboard.

And now yes, Mallorca comes from there. A day of celebration at the Bernabéu, an easy 4:1 victory and, of course, a goal from Ronaldo. It’s the first of the game (with a header, after a cross by Marcelo), the 23rd of the second round, the 45th of the season in the League and the goal is complete. It is a historical record, unthinkable. As Ronaldo.

(Author writes according to the old spelling.)

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