Cristina Geithner Almost Came out Charms With a Small Top

The famous Colombian actress, Aura Cristina Geithner returns to surprise her fans with a daring photoshoot, where she had no shame in showing her charms very closely

The famous Colombian actress, Aura Cristina Geithner, once again surprises her followers with a daring photoshoot that she posted on her social networks, where she had no shame in showing off her beauty very close and showing her charms with a couple of suggestive poses and wearing a small top that left everyone with their mouths open.

Since the beginning of her arrival on digital platforms, the talented interpreter of “Decepciones” has not been afraid to explore her sensuality and has shown this in her publications, since she frequently pampers her loyal fans with a lot of content that leaves very little to the imagination and creates an attractive environment for all of them.

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For that reason, Harry Geithner’s sister has managed to captivate more than two million Internet users on social networks so far, but this number is expected to continue to rise in the coming years due to the great stir that Aura has caused recently by his arrival at the OnlyFans platform.

According to the statements that the beautiful actress of “I’m going to teach you to love” recently gave to the television program “Sale el Sol”, her OnlyFans profile has been very successful thanks to the support of all her fans and that is why she finds very excited.

It should be noted that the recognized model from Colombia, continues to be active on all its digital platforms, especially Instagram and Tik Tok, where it tries to update every day to delight the pupils of users and today was no exception.

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Through her personal account on the camera’s social network, the protagonist of “La rosa de los vientos” shared a spicy gallery of images that provoked powerful reactions from her 956,000 fans, as she dazzled by appearing in the foreground in the which exposed a wonderful view of her charms almost overflowing in a tight blacktop. 

As expected, the publication did not take long to attract the attention of Internet users, who have already left more than 22 thousand reactions of likes in the shape of little red hearts to let you know how much they loved the photo session.

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