Cristina Geithner Dazzles With a Short Cachetero and Without Bra

In a short merengue class, the beautiful Colombian actress shows off her best dance steps with a pair of tiny garments that barely cover her great body

Aura Cristina Geithner, the beautiful actress of Colombian origin, again caused a great uproar on the Tik Tok platform after posting an attractive video, with which she flaunted her best merengue steps while wearing only a couple of tiny garments that barely cover her dreamy body.

In recent months, the protagonist of “La potra zaina” has become a true influencer on social networks, where she has been in charge of pampering millions of followers with fun and daring videos or photographs, in which she usually shows off her sculptural Latin figure and beauty with revealing and provocative outfits that always manage to highlight each of her curves.

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Usually, this content is shared through his personal account on the Chinese social network, a platform in which he has grown incredibly since so far he has more than one million 400 thousand followers.

And it was through this profile, where the talented interpreter of “Decepciones” posted a striking clip that left more than one with their mouths open, due to the wonderful view that Geithner allowed her to easily contemplate all the Internet users present Since she was encouraged to model a short cachetero and a crop top without a bra

As can be seen in the images, the famous popular music singer set out to learn to dance a little merengue with audio that gave her some strange indications that caused Aura to be surprised but still followed them to the letter. 

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“Hold it as if you had a rifle in your hands, now without letting go of the rifle, pretend to be bitten by the ‘c… ..’ Start scratching the ‘c….’ without letting go of the rifle, let’s go ”, are the instructions that a little voice in the recording began to give Cristina Geithner.

Obviously, the beautiful model originally from Colombia dazzled everyone with her sensual hip movements, that is why the publication managed to exceed one million 200 thousand reproductions without any problem, where her devoted fans filled her with almost 69 thousand reactions from me. you like in the shape of a red heart to make clear all the love and affection they have for you


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