“Critical situation. Agricultural stocks running low”

The drought situation in Lombardy is critical, especially for the consequences on agriculture. This was said by the president of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, who warned: “The last reserves for agriculture are running out and we cannot go beyond 25-30 July. For drinking water, thank goodness, the groundwater is still rich and we have no worries for now “. “Now – added the governor – the only thing we can hope for is that it will start to rain. We will not be able to go beyond 25 July”.

“With less than 61% of water resources compared to the historical one, with zero snow on the mountains, our warehouse has always been very difficult to manage and coordinate the irrigation season to face the summer, but the Lombardy Region is doing a very careful job in coordination with the associations and bodies in charge of dealing with the situation – explained the regional councilor for local authorities, mountains and small municipalities, Massimo Sectors, present on Thursday 14 July together with Fontana -. We implemented the first measure on 31 March, at the light of the fact that there was little water and we decided to postpone the releases. After 10 days, we had obtained a small supply and so the irrigation season started “.

“On the drinking water situation there are no particular critical issues – clarified the commissioner Sertori – however, appeals were made to citizens for a conscious use of water. places and for which we are working is to save at least the first crop. ” “We are trying to work to avert as much as possible the state of calamity, but if the need arises – underlined Sertori – we are ready to ask”.

Sertori then highlighted the differences with the state of emergency that “we asked for and it was launched by the Council of Ministers even though we are waiting for a decree and commissioner powers”. The state of calamity, on the other hand, is required “after the event”. For example “if a crop should go down the drain because there was no water then it is required – he concluded – to create compensation situations”.

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