Critics Choice Awards 2020: Anne Hathaway looks HOT right after giving birth!

Anne Hathaway
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At the end of 2019, we informed you that Anne Hathaway gave birth to her second child. The actress did not praise these fans. Only now did she officially show up without a pregnancy belly. The occasion was the Critics Choice Awards 2020 gala, where Anne Hathaway looked phenomenal! See her photos!

Anne Hathaway just a few weeks ago, she had a second child. The actress did not officially announce the birth of another child to the world, but the paparazzi caught her and her husband in the city with a baby carrier. The star carefully protects her personal life from intruders, but finally decided to show herself to the fans in the postpartum version. And we are not surprised that she wanted to show the world her figure after the second birth – it looks simply stunning.

Anne Hathaway at the Critics Choice Awards 2020

Anne Hathaway stood on the red carpet during the gala Critics Choice Awards 2020.

Anne Hathaway’s second child was most likely born at the turn of November and December 2019, so she is now about a month and a half. Can you believe that after such a short time, a new mother has almost no trace of a pregnancy belly ?!

At the gala Critics Choice Awards 2020 Anne Hathaway she was wearing a sexy shimmering dress that tempted with a large cleavage and fitted cut. This is a bold choice of an outfit for a mother right after the birth, but it must be admitted that the actor looked amazing in her!

Anne Hathaway is already BORN! The actress did not share this with the fans. What’s going to eat her …

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