Croatia. Drones afforest inaccessible forests burned during fires

Drones that spread seeds are traversing the Croatian sky. It is about afforestation of hard-to-reach areas, consumed by fires. Tests have shown that 40 percent of the seeds scattered over the past two years have taken root, said Goran Ladisić from the Croatian organization Magic Forest.

The method itself is not entirely new, but the Croats have decided to spread the seeds in larger containers than those used in other regions of the world. In October, we reported that Saudi Arabia wants to sow 100,000 trees using drones, and even 10 billion in the coming decades.

The seed containers resemble light brown golf balls. They are inserted into capsules and attached to the bottom of the drone. When shed, they release ingredients that help create a favorable microenvironment for you to take root, their makers explain. Thus, round containers contain not only the seeds of future trees, but also additional supporting elements.

Round containers attached to the underside of the droneReuters

Croatia. Drones will help with afforestation

– In addition to acorns, we also put sand, grass, clay and chili inside – explained Goran Ladisić, one of the leaders of the Croatian organization Magic Forest. Chili, he added, is an important ingredient in the mixture that prevents animals, such as wild boars, from eating the seeds.

The project has been developing for over two years. Ladisic reported that, according to the tests carried out, more than 40 percent of the dispersed seeds managed to take root. Ivan Vidaković, who controls the drone flights, added that in eight hours, using four or five drones, it is possible to spread seeds over an area of ​​approximately 10 hectares.

Drones drop tree seeds Reuters

Reach remote areas that have been consumed by fire

In summer, forest fires are frequent in Croatia in hard-to-reach areas. This week, Magic Forest shed seeds in the Promina commune in the south of the country. The mayor of the commune of Tihomir Budanko said that a new method of afforestation was decided due to the large number of fires that the region experiences. So far, only low shrubs have grown in places where the flames burned the trees in 2009.

The Magic Forest organization is committed to planting only native trees for a given region. Its members argue that the method will work with the use of seeds of any species.

Magic Forest is in contact with partners from Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Austria and California to implement Croatian reforestation in these territories as early as next year. Members of the organization told Reuters that they wanted to contribute to the European Union’s plans to grow three billion new trees by 2030 to combat climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

Main photo source: Reuters

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