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An ocean-going crowd greeted the return of the procession of the venerated simulacra of San Matteo, San Giuseppe, San Gregorio VII, San Gaio, Sant’Ante and San Fortunato, after the stop in recent years linked to anticovid restrictions. Present, among others, the mayor of Salerno Vincenzo Napoli, the mayor of Pellezzano and provincial councilor Francesco morra, the deputy mayor of Salerno Paky Memoli, the councilors Paola de Roberto and Massimiliano Natella, the councilors Tea Luigia Siano, Donato Pessolano, Giuseppe Zitarosa , Filomeno Di Popolo, Roberto Celano, Antonio Carbonaro, Dante Santoro and the former president of the Province Alfonso Andria. And again, the CEO of Salernitana, Maurizio Milan, together with the manager of Forza Italia Lello Ciccone.

Great participation in the Solemn Pontifical

At 18.05 San Matteo left the Salerno Cathedral to begin the long journey that led him to Piazza della Libertà.


In via Mercanti, throwing confetti from the balconies in honor of the patron saint of the city. The stop at City Palacealways accompanied by Salerno enthusiastic about the return of the procession after the stop imposed by the pandemic.


The arrival in Liberty Squarewhere the statues of the saints were welcomed by an oceanic crowd that after three years was able to embrace its patron saint again.


The return to the Cathedral was also characterized by the same enthusiasm from Salerno who participated in the celebrations. TO Largo Campo (watch the video) the statues were submerged by white, red and garnet blue confetti thrown from the balconies, recalling the historic colors of the city and involving all the public who warmly applauded the passage of the Saints.CONFETTI-2

Many people from Salerno near the Duomo waiting for the statues of the saints to return to the Cathedral, where the traditional race on the steps was held that marks the conclusion of the procession. Yet another confirmation of the great enthusiasm of young and old with whom the procession was welcomed.


After the return to the Cathedral of the statues of the Saints, accompanied by a luminous trail, it was the turn of the Archbishop’s greeting Andrea Bellandi, who entrusted the city to San Matteo to give strength in the faith to all. His excellence thanked all the organizers for the success of the procession.

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(Photo by Guglielmo Gambardella and Antonio Capuano)

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