Cruella – trailer. Emma Stone comments on the comparisons to the Joker

“Cruella” is a new Disney acting film about the youth of Cruella DeMon, known from the “101 Dalmatians” character. A new trailer has appeared on the web. When is the premiere?

Craig Gillespie’s “Cruella” is a new take on a well-known character. Like Diabolina in the two parts of “The Witch”, now Cruella DeMon got her own film, looking at the hitherto unknown story of the “main bad” of a favorite movie for the youngest.

“Cruella” appeared in the animated films of the “101 Dalmatians” series, as well as in two acting films, where she was portrayed by the reliable Glenn Close. Now Emma Stone has inherited her colleague and presents the unknown story of Cruella’s youth.

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Cruella - a frame from the set

“Cruella” – new trailer

A new production trailer has just debuted on the web. The material, filled with new scenes, looks like this:

“Cruella” – Emma Stone reveals what she thinks about comparisons to “Joker”

Soon after the first video to promote the film was released, there were many voices on the web that drew attention to some similarities in portraying Estella before she became Cruella DeMon and Arthur Fleck, before he became the Joker in the movie “Joker “. Emma Stone saw these comparisons as well, and in a recent interview she decided to address directly the words of the fans.

The actress, in an interview with Total Film magazine, pointed out that although she believes that the two films are different, she can understand paying attention to certain similarities, in particular in the darker tone of the story and such a strong focus on the individual before she became “a bad character” “.

“It’s hard to call someone” bad “when you see their story from the very beginning,” she told the magazine.

She also added that the film differs in many ways from “The Joker”, and she herself:

“Even in my wildest dreams, I wouldn’t compare myself to Joaquin Phoenix. I would like to be more like him, ”she laughed in an interview.

The director, Craig Gillespie, also commented on the similarity between the two projects. The man noted that the audience liked to have some cultural point of reference when judging new works.

“There are some deep, emotional things in our movie that Cruella has to deal with that push her towards the villain. Also, in this sense, it is somewhat similar. At the same time, it is also a different, separate project ”.

The director noted in particular that “Cruella” is to be a film full of humor and fun, also filled with peculiar, rhythmic exchanges of sentences, which differ significantly from the style of “Joker”.

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“Cruella” – cast and crew

Director Craig Gillespie is responsible for the film, best known from the film “I’m the best. Me, Tonya. “

The script was created in the head of Dana Fox and Tony McNamara, and on the screen we will see Emma Stona and actors such as Emma Thompson, Paul Walter Hauser, Joel Fry, Emily Beecham, and Mark Strong.

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“Cruella” – when is the premiere?

The film is expected to appear in cinemas and on the Disney + platform on May 28. The Polish premiere is still being prepared for this date. If Polish cultural institutions are not opened before that date, the Polish branch of Disney will most likely simply postpone the premiere.

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