CSGO: check out the percentage of players that clear in the game


Gold II-concentrating the largest number of contestants in the total amount of 8,81%

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most played game on the Steam at present, with the peak daily 1-million players. The game Valvethat is in older versions, it has influenced the first two games of the first-person shooter, it has a patent for a combined large and very well organised. As a curious thing, the web site CSGO-Stats ” brings together a number of players from Silver I to Global Elite. Check out the image below.

The greater the number of players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently with the rank of Gold II with a 8,81%, and then to the Other III 8,73% and in Gold-I-8,52%. From AK, I is the number of contestants shrinks, the show only 0.78% of the players currently have the patent on Global Elite list, which shows the dedication required to get to that position.

The Top 10 players in CS:GO
amounted to more than$10 million in earnings

To be able to reach the patent the higher the players will need to have an understanding of the strategy of the game, and know how to work together as a team. You know, the economic system of the game, all the maps and have tactics with the comrades of the battlefield is essential to the higher levels of government. In the event that you don’t spend hours and hours in order to move forward in the patent, it ends up being in the levels in the intermediate level, which explains the higher percentage of Gold II.

Recently, we have a list of the top 10 players in CS:GO, which amounted to more than$10 million in earningsthe amount that it shows you how the game is moving the money. The Valve keeps you in the game with real-time skins, and a few big changes with the times, either way, CSGO is still the most played game on the Steam.

Source: CSGO Stats



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