Cuadrado on the renewal: ‘I want to stay here, Juve is my family. Vlahovic? She can become even stronger ‘| First page

Juan Cuadrado dreams of the renewal in black and white. He talked about it during an interview with Dazn for the format 1vs1: “I’m very calm the company and my entourage are talking about it. It doesn’t change for me to do it now or in a while. Here I’m fine in Turin and Juve are my family. “

VLAHOVIC – “Dusan is an important player. He’s very strong and he helps us a lot to get the team up. He is suitable for Juventus, has enormous margins for improvement and can give great satisfaction to the Juventus fans. “

1VS1 – “I have always honed these skills, ever since I was in Colombia. There I had a coach who insisted so much on this aspect. And still today I try to perfect myself. I know that it is something that can lead to numerical superiority, I do well, but I have to always improve “.

90 ‘FACTOR – “It is a wonderful emotion to help the team in these moments and score the decisive goal that makes you win a match in the final, as happened against Fiorentina. Against Fiorentina the coach called me, I couldn’t wait: I felt that I could go in and do something. Every now and then I feel that something positive will happen at the end. I hope it will happen many more times. ”

AKE ‘- “He is beautiful and makes me proud. Marley is a player that I like because he always loves to bet the man and I think he can become a great champion.”

CUADRADO DANCE – “The Cuadrado dance? It comes from blood: we South Americans are like that. My son has fun at home too. But not everyone in the team knows how to dance. McKennie yes, Morata is really poor … “.

OPPONENTS – “The strongest opponent faced? Zuniga. He was always tough when I faced him at Napoli: he was strong, fast and he knew me well. He was difficult to jump.”

MOST SEVERE COACH – “Who is he? I think Guidolin”

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