Cucchi, carabinieri version packaged to not undermine careers

The sentence essentially accepted the requests of the Prosecutor’s Office. The document of over 400 pages reconstructs the complex story of the young surveyor arrested for drugs on 15 October 2009 and who died after less than a week in the prison pavilion of the ‘Sandro Pertini’ hospital in Rome.

In the trial, General Alessandro Casarsa was found guilty and had a five-year sentence; 4 years Francesco Cavallo and Luciano Soligo; 2 years and six months for Luca De Cianni; one year and 9 months for Tiziano Testarmata, one year and 3 months for Francesco Di Sano, one year and three months for Lorenzo Sabatino and one year and nine months for Massimiliano Colombo Labriola.

The accusations against the eight soldiers, in various capacities and according to their positions, range from forgery, to aiding and abetting, to failure to report and slander. “Like the evidence on file, evaluated as a whole, it must be considered that the falsification of the two annotations had the purpose of diverting attention from the work of the carabinieri so as to avoid any involvement of the Commander of the Rome Carabinieri Group, Colonel Alessandro Casarsa, considering that the image of the Capitoline weapon was exposed in the media and that other soldiers had already been involved in the serious events to the detriment of the President of the Lazio Region.

Removing suspicions from the carabinieri – explains the judge – certainly could not question the command action by the top of the Rome Carabinieri Group Command, whose figure risked being at least weakened by the affair, even more so after the facts they had the president of the Lazio Region involved “.

“Falsifications to show Stefano Cucchi sick” –

“All the accused were aware that through the conduct they put in place, the content of the annotations was modified and altered, thus allowing the representation of a Stefano Cucchi who was ill in his own right, because he was very thin, drug addict, epileptic” , we still read.

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