Cycling gaiters. They connect Princess Diana with Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber. Why is it worth having them in your wardrobe?

Years ago, Princess Diana wore them, today they are in their wardrobes by: Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Kylie and Kendall Jenner and … they could be exchanged for a long time. No wonder, cycling gaiters, because they are very practical. So much so that – we apologize for being straight – they can save your butt in many situations.

Cycling gaiters – otherwise: cycling shorts or simply short leggings – began to be popular in the 1980s. Thank Jane Fonda, who popularized the aerobics and healthy lifestyle with her exercise videos. And because they are perfect as sports clothes – not only for a bike, but also for jogging, gym or yoga, we love them all – without exception. From “ordinary” girls to celebrities and aristocrats. In the 90s, they were worn by Princess Diana, who – in line with the fashion of the time – wore them with a sweatshirt or oversized T-shirt and crude sneakers. Today they are worn by world-famous top models and celebrities. Cycling leggings can be found, among others, in the wardrobe of Hailey Bieber, Kylie and Kendall Jenner or Kim Kardashian. The more so because they have long been reserved only for exercise. Fashionistas argue that they can also be successfully worn on a daily basis. Not only in sports, but also in more elegant styles. As? Keep reading!

Let’s start with where to buy cycling socks. Fortunately, the choice is quite large. Cycling leggings have already gained the status of “basik”, which is one of the most basic items of clothing, so they regularly appear in collections of popular, including Polish brands. You can buy cycling socks, for example, in brands such as Nago or Elements, but they are also available in chain stores: Reserved, Mango, H&M … – we could exchange for a long time. For your convenience, below we have collected models that particularly caught our eye.

As you can see, the offer of clothing brands – including sports brands – includes not only monochrome models, but also patterned and multicolored cycling socks. Cotton, velor and even transparent mesh. The choice is yours, you just need to think about what you want to wear them for. There are quite a few possibilities.

First of all, cycling socks always work well in a sports version, i.e. in combination with a sweatshirt or XXL T-shirt (the 90s are always alive!). However, you don’t have to wear shoes of the same style with them. Sandals made of thin straps and, for example, square toes, will work just as well. In addition, a baguette bag under the arm and the look is ready!

Cycling gaiters can also be the basis for more elegant stylizations. Girls from the fashion industry this summer combine them with a sporty top that reveals the belly, over which they throw an oversize jacket (a model with emphasized shoulders will be a good choice). It should be completed with a chain around the neck and a cap with a visor. Such outfits are now reigning on Instagram.

But the possibilities are not over yet. Cycling shorts, as the name suggests, are perfect for cycling. Not only at competitions. Also when, for example, you want to go to work. Then put them on a shirt dress – although they will also work well in combination with a mini. You will feel at ease without losing any of your elegant appearance. We checked! And here you will find more styling tricks, thanks to which you won’t have to choose between a bike and a dress.

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