Czech Republic: counterintelligence warns against agents from China, Russia and Iran

BIS, one of the country’s most important security authorities, presented a 38-page report that discussed the main threats. The document points out that the limitations related to the pandemic, e.g. in traveling, increased the activity of the legally existing in the Czech Republic agents, i.e. spies working in diplomatic missions known to counterintelligence. The Russian services have lost some of their associates.

BIS believes that China is trying to gain influence over the media, spreading its propaganda and trying to build a positive image of Beijing in the Czech Republic.

Attention was drawn to the increased activity of the Iranian intelligence services, which are increasingly active against the opposition, Kurdistan activists and the Sunni minority. Tehran is primarily interested in technical information obtained from academia.

In 2020, foreign services carried out hacker attacks on state institutions and non-governmental organizations. The goal was to get access passwords for e-mail. BIS revealed that one such attack was successful and that hackers managed to obtain multiple documents. The name of the attacked government institution was not given.

Particular attention in the report is devoted to the situation related to the pandemic. BIS focused on protests against government actions and speeches downplaying the importance of COVID-19. The services referred to them jointly as the “anti-Covid movement”. According to BIS, conspiracy theories and disinformation reached more people in 2020 than in previous years, but the anti-government movement had no leaders.

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