“Daenerys did nothing wrong”

As House of the Dragon continues with its tale of the Targeryen family, Emilia Clarke is back once again to comment on the Game of Thrones ending, pointing out that in her opinion Daenerys he didn’t make any mistakes in the last season.

Speaking of how things ended between the Mother of Dragons and his now no longer trust Jon SnowEmilia Clarke said: “I still think Daenerys didn’t do anything wrong. She didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not fair that Jon lives and she doesn’t. I want Daenerys with him. With Jon. They could go to family therapy and solve their problems. Daenerys is a character who has high hopes and I would have liked him to be able to achieve his goals. “

In essence, the actress has in fact repudiated the vein of madness that characterized her character in the last episodes of season 8 and that made many viewers turn up their noses. Clarke would have liked that Daenerys had succeeded in her quest to conquer the Seven Kingdoms, maybe with Jon Snow by his side. Obviously, as we know things went very differently.

And while there are no more hopes for the Princess who was promised, we will see Jon Snow again in the new Game of Thrones spin-off dedicated to him. Will there also be flashbacks dedicated to Daenerys? To find out, we just have to wait.

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