Daily tests or quarantine? “This distinguishes the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.”

The vaccinated released from quarantine is a problem for which the government has not prepared itself. Especially since the outbreaks of infection are often whole families. – Privileges are a good argument encouraging to vaccinate, but let us remember that vaccination does not exempt from thinking, common sense and social responsibility – says Dr. Joanna Sawicka-Metkowska.

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1. Release from quarantine by privilege

Compulsory quarantine after contact with an infected person does not apply to:

fully vaccinated persons. This applies to people who have been issued a certificate of vaccination with a vaccine that has been authorized in the European Union “- informs the government portal gov.pl.

Dr. Joanna Sawicka-Metkowska, known online as Doktor Poziomka, addresses this issue. She is just suffering from an infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which divided her family – as she recalls – “50:50”. Half of the household members have a negative and half a positive test result.

Vaccinated negative adults are not quarantined. Yet they are exposed to daily, increased contact with COVID-19 patients.

– We must be aware that the desire to persuade as many people as possible to vaccinate has forced decision-makers to grant certain privileges to the vaccinated. Privileges are a good argument to encourage vaccination, but let us remember that vaccination does not exempt from thinking, common sense and social responsibility. Let’s look beyond the tip of our nose, says the expert.

We have waived the quarantine for the vaccinated as a reward, but it is not entirely safe – adds Dr. Tomasz Karauda from the lung diseases ward at the University Clinical Hospital. Norbert Barlicki in Łódź.

2. The number of cases is increasing

What is this threat about?

– The possibility of infection is much lower, and when infected, the load of the virus is also smaller, and let’s face it, distinguishes the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. The vaccinated can still transmit the virus, especially after contact not so sporadic, temporary, but increased, i.e. when they live with a sick person – emphasizes Dr. Karauda.

– If we think about homes with school or preschool children who come into contact with many people without any safety rules, then every now and then one of them is in quarantine. People who have not been sent to quarantine should as part of corporate social responsibility, be careful and watch closely – explains Dr. Sawicka-Metkowska.

3. Quarantine impossible to swallow

However, if you think about what it would look like in practice, it might turn out that ordering a mandatory quarantine for everyone is not so easy and … logical.

– Mandatory quarantine for everyone? This would mean that the vaccinated returns to the same rigor as before, back to square one. And here the question arises whether the person vaccinated after contact should be quarantined? – wonders Dr. Karauda, ​​emphasizing the complexity of the problem.

There is an alternative – and this solution, the doctor assures, is used by medics. We are talking about regular testing – precisely in the case of increased contact with the patient.

It would be strange to quarantine someone who is after three doses, and the risk of infection is several percent. Would that be fair? Should everyone be quarantined to the same degree? It’s a very difficult question. I would focus on testing people vaccinated after contact – adds the expert.

This is in line with the recommendations of the Department of Health, which few citizens are aware of.

– If the parents of children in quarantine listen carefully to the telephone messages from the Sanepid, they are surely aware that Sanepid recommends performing the test seven days after contact. If we have any symptoms, it is worth taking a test as part of being honest with ourselves, our relatives, colleagues, neighbors – argues Dr. Sawicka-Metkowska.

4. “Otherwise we won’t be able to stop this wave”

The expert says it is “epidemiological vigilance” and that she is used to taking tests whenever she feels unwell. Out of concern for her little patients. Dr. Karauda, ​​in turn, talks about social responsibility.

– You could talk about responsible behaviorif we were living with SARS-CoV-2 infected, we had performed a test every day. Even if it is not PCR, it is antigenic to check if we pose a threat to the environment – he explains.

And he emphasizes emphatically that as long as we are exposed to this intense contact with the sick, we should not lose our vigilance – even despite the vaccination.

– If we decide to loosen the restrictions of the vaccinated, they should perform tests for a specified number of days – for example, while the household member is symptomatic -. And watch very closely for any signs of infection, he says. – That’s what many medics do: testing themselves every day, if they have home contact with an infected person. They are aware that they may have an infection asymptomatically or with little symptoms.

Exaggeration? Experts do not think so, and it is not surprising, especially in the face of so many infections and deaths.

“The test is not pleasant, and quarantine or isolation turns life upside down, but otherwise we won’t be able to stop this wave.” It is gaining momentum at such a pace that we are all trembling now, which will be in a few weeks – summarizes Dr. Sawicka-Metkowska.

5. Report of the Ministry of Health

On Saturday, November 27, the health ministry published a new report, which shows that during the last 24 hours 26 182 people received positive results of laboratory tests for SARS-CoV-2.

The highest number of infections was recorded in the following voivodships: Mazowieckie (4,730), Śląskie (3,159), and Wielkopolskie (2,302).

96 people died due to COVID-19, while 282 people died due to the coexistence of COVID-19 with other diseases.

Connection to a ventilator is required 1752 sick people. 612 ventilators remained available.

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