Dakota Johnson on Fifty Shades of Gray: ‘I have no remorse’

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A few years later – four to be precise – from the release of the last film in the film saga based on the novels of ELJames, whose first title is Fifty Shades of Gray of 2015, Dakota Johnsonprotagonist of the trilogy with the character of Anastasia Steel, returns to speak ofexperience on the set of those nightmare years, characterized by the take-off of his international career but also by unhappy professional memories. The cause of these statements is linked to the difficulties that the actress has encountered during the making of the three films that she, despite everything, would remake of her since she has brought her enormous visibility and for which he feels no remorse.

The chaos on the set due to EL James


Persuasion, a Netflix movie to be released in July 2022

The immense popularity of films related to the three novels of EL James by Universal Pictures, Fifty Shades of Gray (2015), Fifty shades of black (2017) and Fifty Shades of Red (2018), certainly gave a huge boost to the career of Dakota Johnson who today, at thirty-two, is one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood.

The diva, soon in the role of a heroine of Jane Austin for Persuasiona film that will arrive in streaming on July 15, fresh from the success of The Lost Daughter – The dark daughter, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s appreciated debut behind the camera, she returned to talk about her debut, taking off a few pebbles from her shoe about what she had to endure during the making of the famous erotic-dramatic trilogy, burdened by the presence of LE James that of the films it was also producer.

The supervision of the British writer, who had creative control of the production, was such that it made the working environment a real chaosaccording to the statements of the actress who specified how she was convinced, from the beginning, of having to lend the face to films very different from how they turned out to be.

Johnson is very grateful for the nuances trilogy


Fifty shades of red, the differences between the book and the film

Johnson goes into detail and reveals the grueling nature of the daily battles on the set with the writer demanding that the inner monologues of the character of Anastasia be included in the film that did not work on the screen due to the poor quality of the writing. The actress then added that she has committed herself to many times rewrite some scenes at night and that often the same scene was shot twice, one in the presence and the other in the absence of the writer and producer.
A real madness, to talk about it after years, a job for which it was not easy to resist (see the director of the first film, Samantha Taylor-Johnson who did not stay to shoot the sequel), but of which the actress still today does not regret because, despite the criticism that rained down on her at the time of the release of the films, the public rewarded the titles by making them big box office hits.
If on the one hand Johnson shoots to zero on the production dynamics of the films of the nuances trilogy, on the other hand she cannot avoid emphasizing how much she and Jamie Dornan (his set partner) were treated well by all and for this she still says she is very grateful to have been chosen for that role that changed her life forever.

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