“Danger when opening the bottle”, withdrawn a food supplement, here are Marca and Lotti

The Ministry of Health has withdrawn a food supplement for “physical risk”, that’s what it is and the lots involved.

The recall of the product was made voluntarily as a result of reports. The food supplement in question is used to control anxious states and to improve mental well-being.

withdrawn a food supplement

His formulation contains among other ingredients also the Magnesium. The supplement also acts on a level gastrointestinal. It favors the relaxation in case of states of tension and stress. It improves the transmission of nerve impulses and therefore benefits the nervous system.

Those who use certain supplements are encouraged to check if you have the product withdrawn from the shelves at home. The advice is to do not take itand bring it back to where it was purchased.

Let’s talk about a food supplement sold in bottles and in liquid form. According to the manufacturer there is the risk of excessive effervescence when opening the bottle. Here are the product specifications.

“Danger when opening the bottle”, withdrawn a food supplement, Marca and Lotti

The precautionary withdrawn supplement is called Quetidia. HPI Humana Pharma International Spa produces it for Neuraxpharm Italy Spa. Anyone who has this product at home, in liquid form, should not take it and can get a refund from the store where you bought it. Here are the specs.

  • Product brand: QUETIDIA Oral Solution
  • Sales Name – QUETIDIA FAST-SLOW Oral Solution – Bottles of 150 ml.
  • Manufacturer Name: HPI Humana Pharma International Spa
  • Factory headquarters: Via Enrico Mattei snc – Casorate Primo – province of Pavia
  • Lots recalled: 220342 and 220343
  • Minimum storage term (Tmc) 02/29/2024

The reason for the precautionary warning occurred following a “unexpected effervescence and consequent spillage of the product when the bottle is opened “.

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We remember that whoever was in possession of the product described above is invited not to consume it and to bring it back to where he purchased it. Even if the withdrawal is purely precautionary. In these cases the customer is entitled to a refund even if he does not present the receipt.

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