Daniel calls their love scenes in ‘the plant’, and said that he would not return back on the punishment

In his interview for the program, Network, RATING, on in the early hours of today, after being knocked out of WEEK 20, at the Daniel-needled Thelma and described the sister as a “kid” in the game. During one of these dynamics, Ana Clara, the host of the program, has asked the actor to say what I liked the most in the anesthesiologist, and then, reluctant, Daniel replied, “She is a great doctor.

“I had to talk to Thelma, I have already told you. She was the one person who I was talking too much, but I’d like to,” she said to him, if you explaining. Then, he pointed out that he is the least liked on these were, so to speak, of the thing.”

Ana Clara, and then he wondered about the choice of Daniel and Ivy for a call to Thelma and Flayslane for the punishment of the beast, and if such an attitude would not have caused a split in the group, along with Daniel and he agreed, but pointed out that he would not return back to their choice: “Split the group, but I don’t let you do that.”

Each region of the state, also spoke about who he wants to be the next to be eliminated from the reality tv show: Monk, I know it’s not going to come out, but I want to. Daniel also had a character in the game within the game: “I feel it’s true, but it leaves out a lot of stuff so we didn’t burn it with the public.”

When he was asked about who would be the best person in the house, the former member of the BBB, said: “Marcela”. Already the worst in a person, according to him, it was Luke: “There has been a very long time [de convivĂȘncia]but I don’t like”.

In the end, he was so shocked when I look at pictures of yourself cleaning up a dirty mouth yogurt on the network, and by placing the finger in the coffee, which was then drunk by the Babu: “He’s going to kill me if you knew.” Ana is Clearly a joke, with each region of the state, saying that the will of the actor, when he leaves the set.

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