Daniel Radcliffe reveals which film of his should be seen first!

Daniel Radcliffe achieved international success in Harry Potter when he was still a child. This led him, not only to several personal problems, but to be remembered almost exclusively for that role. The actor has revealed which, according to him, is his most significant work.

Speaking of his career and his past, Daniel Radcliffe explained which, second, he is the his film which should be seen first. Although many think that Harry Potter is the actor’s most important work, several times he has tried to step away from it by dedicating himself to totally different roles that could shape his career.

Speaking of his most significant films Radcliffe mentioned Swiss Army Man, 2016 film directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert which sees him play the protagonist along with Paul Dano and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Speaking directly of the film Radcliffe said “I’ve always said that if I had to save a scene, if everything in my career was destroyed but one scene, would have been the scene on the bus in Swiss Army Man. I think it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of. So yeah, that’s what I think.

Radcliffe recounted how Harry Potter taught him about set life by helping him in his future career. Despite this for all his career years, having started very young, the actor has always remained hooked, unfortunately, to the role of the little boy wizard of Hogwarts.

Trying to contextualize, we recommend the review of Swiss Army Man, an independent film that has been able to relaunch Radcliffe’s career.

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