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David Cronenberg is one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers and his name is back in the spotlight thanks to ‘Crimes of the Future’, the science fiction horror that will debut at the Cannes Film Festival 2022, amidst spasmodic expectations and with a cast of stars (Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart). But the Canadian filmmaker, born in 1943, does not stop and already has in the barrel his next film: it is titled ‘The Shrouds’ and will star the actor Vincent Cassel. The two have already worked together on two occasions: it happened with ‘The promise of the murderer’ and with ‘A Dangerous Method’.

David Cronenberg and Vincent Cassel for ‘The Shrouds’
According to Variety magazine, the plot is about a businessman named Karsh. He has recently become a widower, still carries mourning and, driven by this situation, builds a device to connect with the dead. The interest of the market is immediately enormous but, on the eve of the international launch, numerous graves inside its cemetery are vandalized and almost destroyed. Including that of his wife. Karsh tries to understand who committed the vandalism and why he did it, but the mystery he faces pushes him “to reassess his business, marriage and fidelity to the memory of his deceased wife, as well as push it towards new beginnings “(thus reads the official synopsis of the film).

The summary of the plot is prompting experts to speculate that ‘The Shrouds’ will move in the wake of the so-called body horror, the genre to which ‘Crimes of the Future’ belongs. So it will have a different tone than the previous Cronenberg films played by Vincent Cassel: ‘The Murderer’s Promise’ in fact he was fond of crime / noir telling a story of a Russian mafia stationed in London, while ‘A Dangerous Method’ was a historical drama centered on the turbulent relationship between Carl Jung (founder of analytical psychology), Sigmund Freud (founder of psychoanalysis) and Sabina Spielrein (initially Jung’s patient and later one of the first psychoanalysts in history).

There are no further details, apart from the indication that the start of filming of ‘The Shrouds’ has been set for March 2023. That is after the promotion campaign of ‘Crimes of the Future’ and after a period of preparation of the new set (and perhaps even after a few weeks of vacation).

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