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Wear a costume and go up in boat after a swim can change your lifeespecially if your name is David Gandyyou have a statuesque physicistone magnetic lookyou are in the company of Bianca Balti to Capri and there are the cameras of Dolce & Gabbana. As the colleague, however, Gandy entered the world of fashion unintentionally too much, after a friend had signed him without his knowledge to a Beauty contest. To make his fortune, then, Stephen And Domenico and his capacity innate of puncture the screen and stay imprinted. Even today that, a forty-two yearsproved to be much more than a body and continues to be considered one of the most influential men in the world.

Biography of David Gandy

David Gandy was born in Billericay, Essexthe February 19, 1980 and to model career almost got there by chance: when he grew up, in fact, he wanted to do the veterinarian. Accomplice, however, not a great talent in the Educationthe boy graduates in multimedia computer sciencegraduated in marketing and, at the beginning of his adult lifehe comes hired such as charterer And salesperson from cars at theAuto Express of his city. However, the years of aawkward and fearful childhood and his friends they know it well: in their early twenties Gandy he comes signed up to a Beauty contest and the jury is unanimous in affirming that he is the winner. The prizeat this point, opens the doors of the fashion world thanks to the contract with the Select Model Management. In the 2006then, they will be Stephen And Domenico from Dolce & Gabbana to want it like face of the brand for it commercial from Light Bluethe new perfume of the maison associated with him and his colleague Bianca Balti.

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The face of Dolce & Gabbana

There advertising airs in interludes from any TV showwhile the photo appear in every corner of the city: for months, for example, he camped a maxi billboard from fifty feet among the skyscrapers of Times Square.

David Gandy then becomes the most sought after model in the world. Until the 2011 his face continues to be associated with Italian fashion housefor which pose, reads And parade. In the 2008 is on the pages of the calendar from Dolce & Gabbanawhile the following year it appears as valet in final evening of the Sanremo Festival and shoot together with Scarlett Johansson for the beauty line of the brand. In the 2010 is the protagonist of the spot of the according to Light Bluethis time in the company of Anna Jagodzinska. Finally, to sanction the partnership David Gandy by Dolce & Gabbanaa volume of almost three hundred pages which collects all the works in which he appeared.

David Gandy’s career beyond Dolce & Gabbana

At the same time, however, it also appears in the shots of others important brandsfrom Zegna to Brailpassing through Carolina Errera, Maximum Dutti And Stefanel. Not only that: the same Mario Testino immortalizes it for the pages of Vogue in the guise of Superman. Among his set mates there are Noah Millis And Tony Wardbut also Naomi Campbell And Gemma Ward.

In the 2009 Forbes mentions it as most successful model of the year is in the 2010 is in the promotion from W Hotels with Helena Christensen. The 2012 it is then the year of the consecration definitive: in twelve months, in fact, Gandy appears on sixteen covers and in eighteen fashion editorialswhile in the 2014 also enters the world of music participating in the video from First Love from Jennifer Lopez.

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David Gandy’s other projects

All these years, David Gandy has been engaged not only as a model: among his experiences, in fact, there are lessons in Oxfordan ‘app from men’s clothing consultancyone ontraining and a participation in the Vogue Festival to discuss bodies and theirs forms. Since February 2011 he regularly takes care of his blog for the English edition of Vogue And writes for GQ. Throughout his career, he used hers talent on the catwalk and in front of the camera for noble causes as the fundraiser for the Haiti earthquake of the 2010 and for Oxfam. In the 2013 launched his charitable foundation Blue Steel Appeal with the purpose of to help there Comic Reliefan organization that deals with children in financial difficulty.

David Gandy’s private life

Despite a lived existence in public and made of so much appearance, David Gandy has always proved a shy and reserved manespecially when it came to revealing details about hers private life. To date we know that it is paired with Stephanie Mendoros, lawyer from which in 2018 had one daughter named Matilda. The three also share the house with one little dog named Dora and when asked what he wanted now, Gandy replied to just want to be a good father.

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