David Salomon: meet the designer mexican dress has to Yalitza Aparicio

The designer yucatec of lebanese origin, David Salomon, is characterized by having dress to Yalitza Aparicio, Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Lupita Jones, Barbara Mori, Ana Serradilla, Rebecca de Alba, among many other personalities of the entertainment world.

He has been recognized for the Excellence Award Universalformerly called European Excellence, which was created by René Cassin, with the goal of preserving quality in different disciplines of human knowledge. This same award has been won by such figures as María Félix, Luciano Pavarotti, Margaret Thatcher and Paloma Picasso, among others.

Spring Summer collection 2017 David Salomon.

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Also he has participated as a judge to choose Miss Universe 2018, and at events such as Our Beauty Mexico, and Our Latin Beauty.

Who is David Salomon?

David Salomon it is one of the mexican designers more prominent, that lives in Cancun and has participated in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico on more than ten occasions.

His personality has earned him to be recognized by their characteristics, opinions, criticism and humor. It is considered to be a major fashion designer in mexico, and a strong opinion leader.

David Salomon during the edit Spring Summer 2015 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico.

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David Salomon clothed Yalitza Aparicio in 2019, an event that caused a lot of excitement because this event marked a key moment in the history of Mexico, which portrays for the first time to an indian woman on a global platform. Has been inspired by the beauty of Yalitza, actress a native of Oaxaca who is the daughter of father mixtec and mother triqui.

How did David Salomon his career as a fashion designer?

The designer yucatec David Salomon showed an interest in fashion since I was very small, his passion he saw reflected in their ability of observation and at the time of dressing. He has expressed that love to the textures and fabrics, what has he inherited from his mother and his aunts.

He began his career in the fashion world at the age of 16 in his hometown to work in a sewing workshop and packing. Today, it is a case of success in the fashion industry.

Models in neutral tones of the collection Spring Summer 2015 by David Salomon.

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His creative ability was evident, although his work was make drawings and sketches, also included other activities within their practice as propose combinations of textures and colors to the customersalways showed that he could go further.

Years later, he settled in the city of Cancun, in Quintana Roo, for the bohemian-inspired that you made the site and it was this that catapulted his career as a fashion designer.

What inspires David Salomon?

The inspiration of David Salomon focuses on a aesthetic hippie-chic and is fond of the cultural landmarks of Mexico are found in the tissues of pre-hispanic.

The employment of natural fibers present in the collection Spring Summer 2015 by David Salomon.

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According to each collection, we will find a different inspiration; in some of them you will find the use of natural fibers, organic materials and neutral tones, while in other collections you will find a contrast of concepts in which we’ll see very much in mind the vibrant colors and the saturation of elements, but always maintaining a fresh aesthetic and natural.

How is the woman who wears the pieces of David Salomon?

The woman who wears the pieces David Salomon know the value of the legacy textile of Mexico to the perfection and is a faithful devotee of the collective imagination that abounds in the country. Is a woman who trusts more in his personality than in his beauty, is committed to the full inner wealth and its intelligentsia.

Print dress in the flowers of the Spring Summer collection 2017 David Salomon.

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This person is a lover of the prints full of life textiles, mexican embroidery, mexicanfrom the shapes and volume of the garments. In addition, knows how to combine perfectly the lightness of the parts with the quality of the materials, resulting in a elegance absolute.

Where can I buy the parts from David Salomon?

You’ll be able to find the pieces of David Salomon in your web page.

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