DC Films: Amber Heard’s role in Aquaman was not downsized because of Johnny Depp

The top management of the film company intervened in the courtroom to explain their version of the facts on the production of Aquaman 2 where the actress will return with the role of Mera

From the discussion of private and marital matters to that of strictly professional events: Johnny Depp And Amber Heard they are increasingly opposed in court where the plaintiff’s defamation trial is underway against his ex-wife who defends herself by offering her version of events. The debate, which moved on to the phase of gathering evidence, has also been convened Walter Hamadapresident of the DC Films. The Warner Bros. executive, present in the classroom via video conference, clarified the details relating to the production of Aquaman 2a film that sees the participation of Heard as Mera. Hamada explained that the downsizing of the role of the actress in the sequel to the DC Films title is not due to the ongoing dispute between the interpreter and Johnny Depp since the reasons are all internal to the production.

Aquaman 2: Amber Heard’s allegations


Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Amber Heard: “My role scaled down”

Amber Heard is not going to see her career in the world of entertainment compromised due to the conflict, now of very high media resonance, with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. For this reason, the process has entered into the specifics of the individual projects that have involved both her and the Hollywood star in recent seasons. In the classroom, therefore, there was a discussion of Aquaman 2sequel to the 2018 success produced by Warner Bros., a company that is now called into question by the actress who is convinced that she has suffered a downsizing in her role as co-star alongside Jason Momoa, proven by the cutting of many scenes that saw her at center of the action.

DC Films excludes Johnny Depp from its choices


Depp-Heard, resumes the process: I had a makeup kit for bruises

DC Films, in fact, has admitted to having acted on the film but not for the reasons given by Heard. Walter Hamada, president of the DC film division as well as a film producer, explained that she is the actress who has not completely convinced the filmmakers, as chemistry with the protagonist It seemed does not work. For this reason, not entirely secondary in a film of this importance, the upper floors of Warner had even thought of replace the actress, which however did not happen but which caused delays in confirming Heard’s presence in the sequel to the public. Hamada, as a professional in the sector, explained how important the interaction between the two main actors of a story is on the screen so the idea of ​​a recasting had actually crossed the minds of the makers of Aquaman 2. Therefore, neither the trial nor the numerous ones had any influence on the choices fan requests who have also promoted a petition on the net to push Warner’s top management to remove Heard from her role.

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