Dear bills, gyms in Treviso close showers: “They cost us too much”

TREVISO – Sky high bills and expensive energy: gyms are preparing for a dramatic autumn by cutting where possible. Even on the showers. There are already structures that have closed the changing rooms. And gyms waiting for the next bills to turn off the hot water tap. “We are sorry for customers who do not deserve it – he explains Vittorio Casellato of Sport Team Treviso – but otherwise you will not survive ». Already installed almost everywhere LED lights and home automation controls to minimize waste. And the temperature will not rise above 19 large.

The dilemma

There post workout shower it is almost an obligatory ritual. However, the Treviso gyms have recorded a considerable increase in the consumption of hot water in the last month. The new trend? Purchase the packs of low cost centers with subscriptions from 19 euros per month and use the shower system instead of the one at home. To the point that in some gyms in the city the managers are considering whether to stop the shower after class. According to estimates, fitness centers with an average facility spend about 2 euros per person. If the holder of an open subscription can theoretically go to the gym every day and therefore take a shower, the cost for the manager is 10 euros per subscriber per week (excluding holidays). Combined with the energy needed to run the cars, the light, the heating and the difficulty of raising the lines, it translates into one word: unsustainable. “We are trembling waiting for the September bill – he admits Marina Polo of the Pilates Studio 11 – we have already changed all the lights by optimizing with led lamps. And, this year we have tweaked the straight of 20 euros. After all, we were stuck in 2000 with tariffs ». There is concern for the next few months.

The price increases

«The gym is small, Pilates is not a discipline that makes you sweat and therefore generally our clients don’t take showers. But I know for sure that in other gyms there was concern because of the all inclusive subscriptions they have surged to cope with price rises and save money on showers at home. After all, the period is really difficult ». Pilates studio won’t put the padlock on hot water but on the heating we will be iron: it does not rise above 19 degrees“. In the Foundry, the increase in post-training showers and the weekly increase in the consumption of hot water was clearly perceived.

Drastic choices

And we are running for cover, perhaps giving a squeeze. “Maybe they train a little, but they take a lot more showers – he explains Vittorio Casellato di Palestra Sport Team – for this reason we are thinking about how to keep consumption under control, we must run for cover. With great regret for the customers, who don’t deserve it: our intention is to consider turning off the hot water. This is not the time to increase the cost to customers, but if you want to survive you have to find a balance. We are taking it seriously: we are waiting for the October bill to move forward ». The idea of ​​turning off the hot water jet is widespread. Gino De Nardi of the Athletic Gym in via Salsa is a veteran. “What I regret most is that they all sign up in these low cost gyms where in the end you also queue up to use the tools, but maybe you take a shower without limitations – he confirms – we have changed everything to survive: who has the tool enrollment has an electronic key that starts tools only when needed. For the lights we use Alexa technology and personally I am also thinking about boilers ».

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