Dear bills, heat the house with 50 cents: without heaters and radiators

There is a way to get the house to heat up with just 50 cents by leaving heaters and radiators alone. Here’s how to do it.

Heating the house
Heating home –

The energy crisis and the increase in bills due to the threat of President Putin regarding the supply of gas toItaly which caused a great crisis and an increase in electricity costs has made millions of Italians worried.

Their concern also arises because of the temperatures that will drop significantly in the coming months, even if for now in some Italian regions they are still close to 25 °.

Stoves and radiators: here’s how to live without them

To be affected by this energy crisis are not only those who fail to make it to the end of the month but also the wealthiest families who have never found such high costs.

For this reason the Government, through various Aid decreesissued gods Bonus but these are unable to fully cover the expenses and therefore, even if useful, their percentages are sometimes low compared to what is going to be spent.

But while everyone has begun to worry and some Italians are looking for ways to save with somewhat questionable methods shown on various online platforms, there are those who have found an alternative and cheap method.

Stoves and radiators: here's how to heat up with just 50 cents
Malvasi family home –

We are talking about Giorgio Malavasia man who lives in Veneto near Spinea who has been living with his wife for over a year Daniela and his children Francis And Giulio in the cheapest house inItaly.

There Malavasi family in fact, he lives peacefully in his own home spending only the share of 50 cents a day to get the energy due to the appliances that work for free.

Mr. Giorgio’s idea

Mr George, by profession a journalist, he has spent many years talking and writing about green economics and how to obtain energy in an ecological form and after a long time he decided to put into practice what he has learned.

Man has completely revolutionized an old ruin by turning it into one biocompatible passive solar house formed by photovoltaic panels And energy storage batteries.

The expenses that the man and his family face are related to the taxes for waste and the bills concerning the connection to the electricity grid but in total they correspond to approximately 800 euros a year.

Of these though 650 euros they are paid by the energy manager due to the excess accumulation and at the end of the accounts the payment is almost equivalent 50 cents per day, a trifle when you think about how much electricity costs are now rising.

Many have wondered how they managed to face the winter, and the Malavasi family he admitted that he had said goodbye to stoves and radiators and that to have the right amount of heat he could opt for two solutions.

Stoves and radiators: here's how to heat up with just 50 cents
Giorgio Malavasi –

Either invite a few friends into the house whose body temperature was trapped in the walls and used for heating or his wife would bake some cake and the heat from the oven remained in circulation for several days to follow.

Also thanks to the sun of January And February who, although shy, gave a lot of energy to this house and made sure that the members of the family had the right heating.

For this reason, George he admits that his choice was not made only from an economic point of view but rather to use all the sources that nature makes available to us.

Thanks to this way of living the Malavasi family has saved a lot and many have thought that although a large investment has been made to install all the roofs and walls to channel the energy, the subsequent expenditure is minimal.

Therefore, by investing earlier, it could be interesting in the future and by making a total sum the revenue is greater than the expenditure made and we could say goodbye to stoves And radiators.

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